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Bogus Journeys – Episode 3 – Buttons & Buttons & Buttons!

We’re back with another episode of Bogus Journeys! This time TRUE! Takes the stick and we actually get some 5 bar matches in! One of my favorite episodes so far, check it out.







14 responses to “Bogus Journeys – Episode 3 – Buttons & Buttons & Buttons!”

  1. Jams_Shop

    That king player got skillz lol

  2. Derek

    Stuff is launch punish online. Y’all just have to really fast to punish it. Lars is hard to punish online. But it will possible. And rank matches are stupid they play cheap n they don’t play safe. Well barely anybody play safe online

  3. AAK

    “Why can’t any of us win a round??”

    Haha this was too good.

  4. Xthemarsvolta

    I’m gonna start playing more often so I can play one of you. Eventhough I will probably lose badly lol

  5. MattiaEsposito92

    You always make me laugh 😀 congrats for the site and all the shows and videos, I’m following every episode from Italy! keep up the great work!!

  6. CentaurOfGravity

    Wow you guys constantly fuck up against bads 😀 I feel way better about the losses I get now 😉

    ps:punishing online works exactly as offline. Both your input/attack and the opponents recovery are delayed by the same amount IF there is delay. Means whats launch punishable offline is launch punishable online aswell if you dont f it up.

  7. Quadrupledragon

    I don’t know if you’ve recorded a bunch of these in advance, but start doing player matches instead.

    1. Rip

      Thanks for the suggestion. We do have a couple recorded in advance, not a bunch more. I do plan to do player matches at some point. Haven’t decided how best to do it yet though.

  8. DJD2010

    I think i was the 1 bar guy! xD From now on i’ll accept the 1 bar people who come up to me 😛
    Nice episode through, Really made my day! :DD

  9. HA

    just whiff punish lol

    1. Rip

      Easier said than done online =p

  10. Sonken jr

    Where can I apply for this xD

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  12. Blufr

    This is magnificent.