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DeepTheater Is Back With More Tekken Tag 2 Combo Madness

DeepTheater is back showing off some interesting sandwich combo scenarios. I’m not really sure what he means by “the direction to fly over depends on which character you can operate” but things look pretty crazy anyway. Raven really needs to be patched..






3 responses to “DeepTheater Is Back With More Tekken Tag 2 Combo Madness”

  1. Dijon

    I think what he means, which is easily displayed in the Lili/Nina combo about half way into the video, is that the opposing character always flies away from whatever character is being controlled. You can see Nina hits Roger with the d/b+4,3, and even though Lili doesn’t hit Roger, he still flies away from Lili rather than away from Nina because Lili is the active character. This is just me guessing, though.

    1. Rip

      huh, I think youre right. Thats pretty interesting in terms of wall carry

  2. moogle

    Raven needs a fix