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SoCal Regionals 2011 – Tekken Tag 2 Results and Videos

This past weekend we hosted the Tekken Tag 2 tournament at SoCal Regionals. I had a blast and cant wait for this game to hit USA in full force. We held a 64 man capped tournament and here are the results and the videos. Check out the full bracket here and the top 8 bracket here. First up is the top 4 video. Top 8 Results and much more individual matches after the jump:

1. Kane (Lili / Alisa)
2. Rip (Law / Paul)
3. JustFrameJames (Law / Hwoarang)
4. Aris (Armor King / Dragunov)
5. MYK (Steve / Lars)
5. Juggernaut (Eddy / Christie)
7. Rickstah (Ganryu / Bob)
7. SPMan (Devil Jin / Bob)

Aris vs Juggernaut – Top 8

Aris vs Kane – Top 8

Rickstah vs JustFrameJames – Top 8

SPMan vs Juggernaut – Top 8

Rickstah vs SouthAfricanMitsu – Top 16

K1Jin vs JustFrameJames – Top 16

JustFrameJames vs Kane – Top 16

Rickstah vs Chet

B:L vs Chet

Also – we had an hour and a half on the stream early in the tournament. You can catch that rebroadcast below:





13 responses to “SoCal Regionals 2011 – Tekken Tag 2 Results and Videos”

  1. Akibono

    thx a lot for the upload, rip!!!!!!!!

  2. Sweet..

    Thanks LUYG.

  3. Rayzor


  4. KenG

    Kane is so cheap!!! And myk, is that LUYG shirt?!

    1. Rip

      Yup, super limited edition LUYG shirts

  5. Centaur

    Thx for the upload!
    Man I cant wait for the game. Awesome stuff indeed.

    But the combos are fucked up.
    I mean u guys had like a week or two to practice and already found 50-60% regular combos, 80% wall combos. I can imagine that there are nastier combinations yet to be found with the mishimas, airthrows, jacks \o/, lilis retarded wall damage and so on.
    Cant fkin wait to figure that stuff out myself.

  6. AAK

    Great matches! God the game looks beautiful.

  7. shitface

    Should have put the videos in opposite order, and put results in the end. Kinda ruined it for me.

    1. Rip

      Well, at least the top 4 video was in the right order – next time though I’ll try and put all the matches in one video

      1. shitface

        I don’t think it’s that hard to just place the videos from top16 to top4, not the other way around.

  8. heaven’sdoor

    hey rip do have any MYK matches? thanks in advance.. nice vids btw..!

    1. Rip

      Nope – next time I’ll make sure to get the full top 8 up though

    2. shitface

      There is a photo of MYK right there. What, it’s not enough?