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Tekken Rage Grand Finals – Nin vs Lion Hart

Updated 12:14am – April 13
We all know who Nin is, but who is this Lion Hart guy? Nin was there for two separate events. The video below is the first grand finals set from Tekken Rage. Nin went on to win in the final set to win that tournament. Separately there was the IGC (India Gaming Carnival) event which there is a TON of backlash against, with people not getting paid, 3 day event turning into 2 day event, people getting mugged etc etc. If anyone has videos of the final set of Tekken Rage or the grand finals from IGC feel free to post the link to them in the comments. jAy-Kei has posted on Nin’s behalf after the jump:

From jAy-Kei
“I’m posting this in behalf on Nin just to clarify things:

As Nin doesnt speak English (or at least not good enough to understand it), he told me he had trouble winning this tournament.

First of all on the tournament website ( http://www.wtf-igc.com/portfolio-view/tekken-6/ ) it says that the first 2 of the final group of 6 will be playing a last “final” set. This never happened due to lack of time or something. However Nin never understood that and that the group league would decide the winner. He hardly played as if the match was the final, and only aimed for the top 2 in the group.

Another thing that comes to mind is that the whole tournament was being played on only one monitor/TV which had lag also.

Last thing to mention is that players in the final group of 6 were dropping games against the winner of the tournament (aka forfeiting). According to Nin it was clearly obvious in his eyes, that people were losing on purpose.

Not to unjustify the victory of the Indian players, but this tournament was clearly not organized well.”





35 responses to “Tekken Rage Grand Finals – Nin vs Lion Hart”

  1. Sahil

    Its a rather sad state of affairs regarding the tekken community, where in I speak as someone who has only joined the scene of late. For those who were present at tekken rage, I was one of the refs along with newton. I see rival clans developing and while this is usually good for the scene, in the case of india’s tekken scene the rivalry, instead of adopting a healthy nature has descended into moronic name calling and ego massaging. I was fortunate enough to spend nins last day in the country with him and he was gracious enough to play me a few rounds and help me understand some of the things I was doing wrong. Once again I would request the community to put local grudges behind us and represent our country as a united force onto the global tekken scene.

    All things said and done, it was a truly humbling experience watching and playing against the best in the world and I hope that nins visit to india shall be remembered for all the right reasons instead of the wrong ones.
    I do not aim to sound preachy or self righteous in any way and wish luck to all the friends I made during rage from chandigarh, merut, vishakhapatnam, nagpur and everywhere else during rage. I couldnt stick around for igc since work beckoned and hope to see you guys again at the next br or tag2 gathering.

  2. k_j

    Losing a puny little insignificant and poorly organized event shouldn’t effect Nin’s reputation at all.

    We all know how good Nin is, he doesn’t need to win tourneys like IGC to prove that

  3. Reality

    Lol what a surprise the great Lion Heart is a Bob Player fraud. Within 10 seconds 2 failed wallcombos yeah he sure beats everyone in the world that guy.

  4. Mr Nap’s Dad

    money is the root of all evil

  5. Raion

    Whatever happened to LUYG making episodes about tekken? Can we not get a Tekken tutorial for characters on TTTU2? And btw your android app doesn’t work for phones with a landscape screen. >.>

    1. Rip

      Takes a lot of time, Namco doesn’t assist us in doing it, we don’t have TTT2U in America and Namco hasn’t provided us with an early copy or anything of that sort.

  6. Abhishek Sharma

    It’s funny seeing people who didn’t attend Rage or IGC properly making comments like “I was with Nin the whole time” and “These shits from Chandigarh manipulated the fixtures”. How much can one lie in his life? Jeez.

  7. LevelUpYourGame

    My original post was a bit off. Nin DID get 2nd at IGC. The video I posted though was from Tekken Rage where Nin lost the first set of Grand Finals (reset) but won the final set of it to get 1st place. From what people are telling me, Tekken Rage monitors were fine but IGC was not. Basically IGC event was garbage and Tekken Rage was not

    1. This is the final Match of  IGC between Lionhart  and Nin