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Tekken Rage Grand Finals – Nin vs Lion Hart

Updated 12:14am – April 13
We all know who Nin is, but who is this Lion Hart guy? Nin was there for two separate events. The video below is the first grand finals set from Tekken Rage. Nin went on to win in the final set to win that tournament. Separately there was the IGC (India Gaming Carnival) event which there is a TON of backlash against, with people not getting paid, 3 day event turning into 2 day event, people getting mugged etc etc. If anyone has videos of the final set of Tekken Rage or the grand finals from IGC feel free to post the link to them in the comments. jAy-Kei has posted on Nin’s behalf after the jump:

From jAy-Kei
“I’m posting this in behalf on Nin just to clarify things:

As Nin doesnt speak English (or at least not good enough to understand it), he told me he had trouble winning this tournament.

First of all on the tournament website ( http://www.wtf-igc.com/portfolio-view/tekken-6/ ) it says that the first 2 of the final group of 6 will be playing a last “final” set. This never happened due to lack of time or something. However Nin never understood that and that the group league would decide the winner. He hardly played as if the match was the final, and only aimed for the top 2 in the group.

Another thing that comes to mind is that the whole tournament was being played on only one monitor/TV which had lag also.

Last thing to mention is that players in the final group of 6 were dropping games against the winner of the tournament (aka forfeiting). According to Nin it was clearly obvious in his eyes, that people were losing on purpose.

Not to unjustify the victory of the Indian players, but this tournament was clearly not organized well.”





35 responses to “Tekken Rage Grand Finals – Nin vs Lion Hart”

  1. Fjb

    U r right rip I was also in the tourney. The organizers were noobs. And there were dynamic rules. I will support nin. This lion hart is really an asshole

    1. David

      After checking out everything about tekken rage and igc , and talking to nin regarding this , i feel there is lot of misunderstanding going around. Nin told me that , Lionhart is a very good player and it was very tight match-up between him and lionhart during rage finals.Nin was just upset regarding the working and arrangement of IGC tournament and he believes Lionhart has nothing to do with this set-up, as he was just a player, playing a tournament.
      I have also spoken to some of indian tekken players, they all believe Lionhart is a great player and has won lot of local tournaments in india.One thing is clear , Lionhart has nothing to do with anything ,which went wrong in igc.Moreover if nin believes that Lionhart is a good player , i think we should respect that ,he doesnot call everyone a good player.

  2. I feel sorry for Nin. I’ve been to shitty tournaments, there were all local tournaments….. But if I were to travel abroad, and then have a shitty experience because the tournament was organized horribly…then I’d be bitter as well.

  3. Fjb

    I feel sorry for nin too. But please do not consider all Indians like that asshole lion hart and his fellows. I was with nin most of the time during Igc it was a nice experience to play with someone like him.

  4. Fjb

    Nin told me about that Kathy monitor after the tourney.

  5. i dont count this against nin at all and no one should the ppl running the tournament were prob use to the lag so they knew how to play on it and knew it would throw someone like nin off i wanna throw a tournament but i have to get everything set before hand 🙂

  6. SridharsVs

    Guys, this is NOT THE VIDEO FROM IGC FINALS held at DELHI… it was GRAND FINALS SET 1 at TEKKEN RAGE held a week before IGC…. Lion Hart was from the LOOSERS BRACKET and he won the FIRST SET. In the FINAL SET however, NIN won 3-2 against LION HART…. The monitors used at TEKKEN RAGE were 100% LAG FREE ASUS MONITORS….

    I didnt attend IGC, so i have absolutely no clue on what happened there….

  7. David

    I don’t understand why a laggy monitor is of any significance given that every person in the tournament had to play on the exact same monitor? Shitty organization yes, but it affects all players, not just NIN.

    Also, not trying to be a dick, but are we really meant to feel sorry for him because he “didn’t play as if it was the final match”? I don’t care if it’s Group 1 or the Grand Final match, why would you not just play the game to the best of your ability in either case?

    I understand that he was confused, or perhaps even given the wrong information, but it’s a bit of a cop out to say that this doesn’t count as a loss because he wasn’t trying his hardest.

    1. FJB

      you are right David………. he was given wrong information.

    2. jAy-kEi


      His mindset was not set like it was a grand-final. Is there something wrong with that? I don’t remember all players trying like its their last match and going all-out in a round-robin format while you know you would advance to the finals.

      If you know Nin, he never goes all-out except when elimination is on the line. Nin told me Lion Hart is a good player (well basically he said he is good vs Steve). So Nin was obviously thinking how he should face him in the Grand Final (which never happened). That’s what people do, think about a strategy. But Nin never got the chance to use it.

      Yes, shitty organization affects all players. That doesn’t mean it effects all players equally.

  8. paw

    These monitors didnt have any lag AND moreover Lion Hart is just a player who was able to defeat nin both in casuals { when nin stayed at his place } and in igc.

  9. FJB

    These shits from “Chandigarh” also tried to manipulate “the fixtures”. but me and some members of Team “Attitude Killers” did not let that happen.
    I wanna say thanks to those people who approached the organizers about this action.
    I will advise those noob organisers to study the tekken tournament format and rules before organizing tekken tournament.

    Anyway………….. I wanna say thanks to Nin for coming India.

    1. paw

      Hey FJB earlier in the post you said you were with nin most of the time during IGC and then in the next post you say nin was given wrong information…… I wonder what could you had done to help nin with the information

      1. FJB

        As you already know paw there is a communication problem with Nin. His English spoken and understanding is really weak. So It was really difficult to explain the rules to him.

        And Lion Hart is the guy who sponsored Nin’s flight tickets from Seoul(S.Korea) to Noida(India).

        Also Nin was with Lion Hart all the time so it was difficult to make a contact with him in front of Lion Hart and his fellows.

        I hope you understand.

      2. FJB

        And this Rage tournament was also completely fixed.
        the only different was that in Rage they did the same they did with Nin also with “Hell Raisers”.

  10. Ninjamoose

    I can tell by watching this that Nin wasn’t trying. He did very little BDC, compared to what he typically does. He ran right into a wake up kick. Even his oki d+1’s were whiffing.

    Also, the organizers of this tournament are just plain bad. Is there seriously someone’s hat on the equipment table? Not a huge deal, but for the sake of professionalism, I certainly would’ve moved it. Especially seeing as there’s a high probability that it will be recorded in some fashion.

  11. Ninjamoose

    I’d rather go to MK9 Texas Showdown. Their setup was in a bathroom.

  12. paw

    @fjb – i guess u have explained every1 the real problem in ur last post , Lion Hart also faced the same problem which u faced while talking to nin , so blaming Lion Hart for mis-communication regarding rules is not fair.Lion Hart has rightly proved that he was india’s best bet to beat nin and we are really proud of him for doing that, except for some indian tekken players due to personal rivalry.

    I hope every1 understands

    1. FJB

      I know u will regret ur words if explain u the rules.

  13. FJB’s Dad

    I am really sorry for being my son so rude to you or your friends so I apologize on his behalf, please don’t take him seriously it is just that he has some mental problems since his childhood.(and this is also the reason for his bad English which also got him detained from his school) He can be a pain in the ass sometimes but I still love him inspite the fact that he is a dickhead.

  14. paw’s grandfather

    I am sure you are suffering from piles.
    Don’t worry I know you can get it cured with Lion hart’s dick.

  15. paw’s grandfather

    And this is the way how they manipulated the tourney……….. check the link below………………….


    1. paw

      lol you are really an idiot……or maybe you have some problem in understanding simple english……. the rule in super six format was that each player will play ONLY ONCE against other players in super six format and in the end the player with maximum points will be declared winner….. FJB IF YOU STILLL DONT GET IT KINDLY ASK FJB’s DAD…………..

      1. SridharsVs

        @ Paw: Here are the rules of the T6 tourney held at IGC from IGCs website
        3.3.3 Finale (Super Six format) :

        Super Six Finals (6 teams, Winner and runner up from the daily pool)

        * Each day winners of the 1st and 2nd position will go on to compete with each other on day 3 of the event in the final showdown.
        * Super Six will pit players against each other; wherein each winning player will get 2 points for winning a match, 1 point each for a tie, 0 point for losing. Once all the players have faced each other, the top two scoring teams will have a finale match which will decide the winner and a runner up players.

        – Two players will compete against each other in a standard Tekken 6 Game in a 5 rounds format. The player to win the 3 out of 5 rounds is declared the winner and awarded 2 points.


        The TOP TWO PLAYERS FROM THE POOLS WERE NIN-with 8points and LION HART with 10points. So, these two were supposed to face off each other again as per the tourney rules. BUT THIS NEVER REALLY HAPPENED and the results were announced purely on the SUPER SIX POOL points, declaring LION HART to be the WINNER.

        I guess this is exactly what Paw’s grandfather was trying to communicate…..THERE WAS NO FINAL MATCH??