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Help MYK – Success! Goal Reached In Under 24 Hours!

Wow – I truly did not expect the response to come in so quickly. A big thank you to Shoryuken, Capcom Unity, MarkMan, Mad Catz, EightArc, FilthieRich and everyone else who helped promote this donation drive and/or donated prizes to the raffle for giveaway. I am taken aback and I’m sure MYK will be as well. A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated. Its amazing how fast just a little bit from so many people can add up. The original end date for the raffle/donation drive was May 11th, but I’ll bump up the raffle as soon as I can once I talk to everyone who donated extra prizes. EightArc stepped in and threw in an EightArc Fusion Ebony, Namco threw in some games, and Capcom added in some prizes as well so lots of stuff there for everyone who was able to pitch in. Hoping to get it figured out this weekend. Will get MYK to write something on the site as well. Thanks again everyone!






4 responses to “Help MYK – Success! Goal Reached In Under 24 Hours!”

  1. Targie

    Wow, simply amazing. Mad shoutouts to everyone who donated. Sorry for not donating in time and best of luck to MYK. Get well soon.

  2. FernandoTheGameFebles

    Honestly I didn’t donate for the prizes, just hope for the best. Get well soon Mike.
    P.S. It doesn’t mean that I dont want to be in it. ;p

  3. Quadrupledragon

    It seems like a bunch of people are still willing to donate or didn’t get the chance before it closed down. From what I understand, what you have isn’t enough to cover the bills so maybe you should consider opening it enough again?

  4. kornstar

    mad props to Rip for publicizing and setting up the donation drive. MYK’s lucky to have a friend like you.