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MYK Needs Your Help – Donation Drive

Every now and then there are members in the Fighting Game Community that go through tough times. Either it be from a disaster, or someone just in some dire need of help/support. Today we have one of Level Up Your Game’s very own, Michael “MYK” Kwon, calling out for the support of the community. MYK has been diagnosed with a dangerous skin disease that required him to be transported to the ER. With himself and his family going through many financial difficulties in the past few years they are stuck with an enourmous medical bill that he will not be able to pay off alone.

With the many years of hard work and dedication he has shown to the community we are starting this donation drive to help him in this difficult time with the goal of raising $3100.

MYK has also offered up his Hori Soul Calibur V stick, still new in the box, to be raffled off in this donation drive. The more you donate, the more chances you will get to win. Every $5 will get you 1 entry, with every $20 getting you a bonus entry. Every donation of $100 or more will also receive a free Level Up Your Game t-shirt.

UPDATE: The one and only MarkMan of MadCatzInc has just added 4 sticks with worldwide shipping to the raffle!
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If you don’t know who MYK is, maybe you’ll remember him from our Street Fighter x Tekken episodes of Level Up Your Game





18 responses to “MYK Needs Your Help – Donation Drive”

  1. L_Z_N

    Submitted this tip to SRK…and this is their reply..”  The higher ups at SRK said we can post it if — ” Yes if they put some effort into this.  Practically no one is going to know who MYK is.  Have him put together a brief bio and some highlight matches that MYK has competed in.  Otherwise the average SRK reader will just go “wtf” and ignore the post. ”   “

    1. Shoutouts to SRK, I updated the post with our SFxT episodes. They can also check out youtube.com/LevelUpYourGame for the bunch of Tekken episodes we did before they started covering Tekken

  2. Tekkenomics

    I appreciate all of the work that you guys have done for the community over the years.  Even though my blog is not nearly as popular as the other fighting game websites, I will also be linking to this post and will be donating what I can.  I wish you the best of luck!  – Wild Man X

  3. RonanN1

    …oh man! That’s terrible news !!!! 🙁 I will help!
    Hugs from Romania! 🙁

  4. DennisdeKok

    MYK get better fast.
    I posted a post about this in the general section of SRK help spread the message !!!
    Its called Calling for your help!!!! made by blackninja14.
    Greeting from Holland :D.

  5. Jeff

    Possible for paypal donations?

  6. Quadrupledragon

    I don’t see how no one would know who he is, he plays and commentates a bunch of games besides Tekken. He was even on Cross Assault.

  7. skeptic

    So what is the skin disease and what does the $3,100 pay for?  Is he cured or will he keep having these huge payments?  I’m not against donating, but id like to get the full story please.

    1. This is Rip. MYK can speak better about the specifics (I asked him to make a post here on the site but he hasnt yet) but my understanding is that it is a form of cellulitis / staph. From what I’ve read its treatable by antibiotics so he should be okay but it can spread to the blood stream and cause many more problems. The first round of antibiotics did Not work which is why it spread more and caused complications forcing him to go to the ER after crazy fever/immobility etc. Second round of antibiotics seems to be working better so things are looking up. The money goes towards the medical treatment he’s had thus far that he simply can not pay. I don’t think we’ll cover all of it but he isn’t in a position to pay this off by himself either which is why he is asking for help in the first place. Hope that clears it up a little as its the best my second hand understanding of it is.

  8. SuperAmmario

    They really should know MYK, he was in Wednesday night fights and you can also add this about when he was on cross counter:
    Wepay is giving me a lot of trouble but I’ll try to get it to work later on. Hope the best for MYK’s recovery.

  9. L_Z_N

    @Rip: I wrote a short biography thing for him…http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=123642If you want to copy paste or whatever, go ahead.

    1. L_Z_N

      Whoops link broken I guess. One more time.. 

  10. DennisdeKok

    good news its on the front page of SRK that should help 😀

  11. darabidduckie

    I’ll be donating 10% of the profits from any stick mods I do at Season’s Beatings: Summer Slam.

  12. Just wanted to let everyone know, that we have reached our goal in just under 24 hours, which is absolutely amazing. Thanks to everyone who donated. Update in this post

  13. LevelUpYourGame

    UPDATE – @Mark Julio has just added 4 additional sticks to the raffle!

  14. IVan Hoh

    OMG ! hope you get well soon mike 🙁

  15. Adrian Jimenez

    Get well soon MYK 🙁