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Hori Officially Reveals Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Stick

Over at their Facebook page Hori has revealed images of their Tekken Tag Tournament 2 stick. Images of this stick first showed up at Amazon for Hori Japan, but in the past it was not uncommon for Hori Japan to have different stick art / branding. It looks like the art is now confirmed and that the body will be that of the Soul Calibur 5 stick. Check out the screens below.





5 responses to “Hori Officially Reveals Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Stick”

  1. Alex Chin


  2. Alex Chin

    do you guys have a video of how to properly handle a joystick?

  3. LevelUpYourGame

    Nope, not a bad idea though

  4. DivX

    You guys need to do a review of this stick when its available. The review Rip did of the eightarc was spot on compared to other reviews out there.

  5. stevejke

    This buttons/stick don’t look like sanwa parts. Hori decided to pull another abomination out of their asses?