03rd Dec2012

eTokki Omni – Korean Stick – Review

by Rip

In the market for a Korean stick? The eTokki Omni is the high end for anyone looking for a korean stick. If you’ve watched me streaming TTT2 the past month you know that I’ve been using this stick a ton. In this review I go over the Omni inside and out as I’m joined by Cynnik to help break down the internals and explain the difference between Japanese/Korean sticks. This is version 3 of the Omni stick, and with it come many new additions, so even if you’ve seen an Omni review before, this review is on the most current version. The initial review went a bit long so I’ve split some sections into their own videos available AFTER THE JUMP:


10th Sep2012

Daily Tutorial Stream for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Starts Tomorrow

by Rip

Starting tomorrow MYK and I will be doing daily streams for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. In the past, we’ve been criticized for doing tutorials for a limited number of the cast of characters. This is simply because the way we cover characters in depth requires a LOT of time and organization. Of course, that method is preferred since we can take the time needed to cover everything in as much depth as needed. For example, our Lei episode for Tekken 6 clocked in at almost 2 hours. Lei has a ton of stances, and stances themselves took over 40 minutes to cover with minimal depth.

In depth tutorials like these, while being extremely beneficial to anyone who uses one of the characters we get to cover, is obviously impractical. Instead, what I’d like to do is shorter tutorials that give just the essentials of a character so that someone can pick them up and get an idea of what they should be using/looking out for. If everything works as planned, then the hope is that we will get to at least have some coverage of every single character in the game. (more…)

12th Dec2011

Bogus Journeys – Tomhilfiger Online

by Rip

We’re back! Last time, we saw Cynnik finally defeat 725 (even though it went down to final round). As 725 left though, he let us know that the one and only Tomhilfiger was online as well. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play this legend online:

01st Dec2011

Bogus Journeys – The Runback – Cynnik vs 725

by Rip

In the last episode of Bogus Journeys, Cynnik was defeated 5-0 in a FT5 by 725. Cynnik, not being one to go out without a win decided he wanted to run it back. This time though, just first to 3. Will Macho Man Randy Cynnik pull out the victory?! Things get dirty at the end – check it out:

20th Nov2011

Bogus Journeys – EightArc vs Cynnik – Tekken 6

by Rip

We’re back with another Bogus Journeys episode! First one to hit Machinima, so show some support and let the Machinima community know that Tekken belongs on there. This time around, we have a very special episode as I bring on the legend, CYNNIK – and we ‘run into’ one of his arch rivals, who happens to be one of the founders of EightArc. Even if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, just jump to 16 minutes 10 seconds and enjoy. Check it out: