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  • Fatal1ty FXM 200 Headset Review

    Fatal1ty FXM 200 Headset Review

    Today we take a look at the Fatal1ty FXM 200 Headset by MONSTER. This review has been a long time coming as I’ve been traveling a lot with Wizard World, Tekken Tour, and the Amazon Unboxing event. However, this has allowed me to spend much longer with this headset and you’ve probably seen me using […]

  • MadCatz TE2 Arcade Fightstick Review

    MadCatz TE2 Arcade Fightstick Review

    Our friends over at MadCatz sent over a couple of the Tournament Edition 2 Arcade Fightsticks for us to giveaway as part of our 5 year celebration! The TE2 is one of my favorite sticks and I’ve been using the Killer Instinct TE2 stick for over a year. Now that the new generation of consoles […]

  • IOGEAR KeyMander – Video Review

    IOGEAR KeyMander – Video Review

    A few months ago, we looked at the IOGEAR KeyMander here on this site. This device lets you use a keyboard and mouse to play FPS games on console. Soon after our review, IOGEAR released a firmware and software update to the device that added Playstation 4 support – along with various other improvements. In […]

  • IOGEAR KeyMander Review

    IOGEAR KeyMander Review

    MSRP: $99.95 USD Amazon: $64.99 USD as of 8-20-2014 Newegg: $69.99 USD – IOGEAR KeyMander Controller Emulator for use with Game Console (GE1337P) I guess it started with Halo on the original Xbox.  It came out in November 2001 and by the following year, Xbox/Halo LAN parties were commonplace.  Lots of fun was had in […]

  • Razer Blackwidow 2013 Mechanical Keyboard Lineup – Unboxing and Comparison

    I recently couldn’t decide which Razer Blackwidow 2013 Keyboard to pick up. I knew I wanted a mechanical keyboard, but didn’t know if I should go with the Ultimate / Regular or the Stealth / Non-Stealth versions. So I got two, and luckily ended up with the right combination for myself. For those of you […]

  • eTokki Omni – Korean Stick – Review

    eTokki Omni – Korean Stick – Review

    In the market for a Korean stick? The eTokki Omni is the high end for anyone looking for a korean stick. If you’ve watched me streaming TTT2 the past month you know that I’ve been using this stick a ton. In this review I go over the Omni inside and out as I’m joined by […]

  • EightArc Fusion Premium Tournament Joystick Review

    EightArc Fusion Premium Tournament Joystick Review

    If you haven’t heard, EightArc is the new kid on the block when it comes to the arcade stick market. In this review I take a look at their dual-modded stick (works on Xbox360/PS3/PC), the EightArc Fusion. FYI, yesterday EightArc also announced the Fusion Sapphire and Fusion Ivory variations of this stick as well. The […]