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Game Informer confirms Goro and Jade in Mortal Kombat 9!

Time to go grab the latest Game Informer magazine. New scans online confirm that Jade and Goro are both in the game (they were leaked awhile ago). The article mentions that Goro is currently not playable and that they currently don’t expect him to be. They also tease that other -alities may be in the game, but that they wouldn’t tell anyone about it if it were.

In less exciting news, Boon talks a lot about DLC characters being something they’re focused on. That the roster can always change and may never be final. DEFINITELY not something I’m looking forward to in a game I hope to be tourney competitive.

Check out the scans after the jump






5 responses to “Game Informer confirms Goro and Jade in Mortal Kombat 9!”

  1. Oh no… non stop DLC characters…

    That just sounds horrible..for competitive play..
    If they were free, then I think it should be okay…

  2. MagusFyre

    So far that roster looks like its mainly characters from MK3.

    Would be funny if a new DLC character gets released right before Evo and becomes allowed to be used during Evo.

  3. kornstar

    interesting news about goro… can’t wait to see what they have planned for him.

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  5. guys look up sum vids,they r releasing a special map pack for ps3 and if u beat the story on hard it will allow u 2 play as shao kahn,goro,kintaro and they r realising zeus and hades to go along with the kratos concept