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Famitsu’s New Tekken Tag 2 Screens

New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Screenshots from Famitsu
Famitsu has released a bunch of new screenshots. Not a whole lot more to analyze than previously discussed, however with direct screengrabs instead of scans the quality is much better. So we see that Yoshimitsu looks amazing plus we get a few images of what looks to be Jaycee’s Tag Throw and a few new ones of Jinpachi!

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2 responses to “Famitsu’s New Tekken Tag 2 Screens”

  1. MagusFyre

    lol, Why does Law and Jin look so young? Forrest Law?

  2. Some people are saying that its Forrest Law, but I don’t know why that is. I think Namco would’ve done more to make it noticeable it was Forrest (like given him his Tekken 3 white tank top/purple pants). So for now I’m gonna say its still Marshall and that they just updated the model.