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MK9 – Kintaro – Lady in Red, Kenshi DLC + Kratos Gameplay

The May issue of GamePro magazine confirms that Lady in Red (aka Skarlett) and Kenshi will be available as DLC for the upcoming Mortal Kombat game. Also, Kintaro is confirmed to be in the game! I am certainly not a fan of DLC characters for fighting games and its even more frustrating to see it announced almost a MONTH in advance of the actual game even coming out. As a competitive player you end up being forced to get the DLC or be left behind. Overall, I think it hurts the competitive scene more than it helps it. Rant end – click the image to see the full size.

And if you missed it, here’s the Kratos Gameplay + XRAY move video that was shown off earlier this week:





42 responses to “MK9 – Kintaro – Lady in Red, Kenshi DLC + Kratos Gameplay”

  1. Quadrupledragon

    Yeah, I’m not a fan of DLC characters. People gave Namco a lot of crap for Tekken 6, but at least they didn’t try to nickel and dime you for stuff like this.

    1. Rip

      I agree 100%. This is one of the things that Namco definitely got right with Tekken 6’s console release

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  3. Kabal 28+54

    Fuck you guy’s mk is just trying to revive itself and you guys r hateing on it fuck all of you

    1. Of course MK is trying to revive itself. Personally, I want it to succeed which is why I cover it. But as a fan of the series, I’m not supportive of the developers/publishers choosing to nickel and dime their fan base.

  4. John

    yea that faggot needs all those weapons to beat people from Mortal Kombat cause he is a pussy

    1. Chris

      you’re just mad he’s not on Xbox.

      1. Breanna


  5. Breanna

    lmao ur right chris, ps3 will ALWAYS be better than xbox

    1. Montee

      What? Cause PS3 has that faggot Kratos? Sure, you fanfaggots don’t have to put up with the Cheif’s overdone games, but at least 360 players don’t have to deal with Sony exclusives either, and your fuckin retarded-as-shit controllers.

      I own all 3 systems, as well as their predecessors, so you fanboys can go die in a hole.

      Btw, your personal hell when you die will be forced to play crappy 360 exclusives for eternity. Enjoy, you cock-choking cum bucket.

    2. Damian

      At least XBOX didn’t get their shit hacked a million times in a 2 weeks. XBOX is the supreme system. PS3 just has cool games, can’t back it up if you can’t play the shit that got hacked…..right?

  6. Terry

    gee. Looks like I’ll be fighting alot of kratos noobs online.

  7. john

    OMG I just Spent 60 Bucks Just For Mk1 Scorpion So I Can Spend 10 More Bucks On Two Characters Thats Not Cool.

  8. Krom

    I Spent 5 Extra Bucks For Mk1 Scorpion. Just To Spend More Money. Thats Bullshit. DLC’s Are A Waist Of Money.

  9. Krom

    I Hate Noob. I Also Hate Posers That Buy The Game For Kratos. Anyway I Got Xbox. ( Before U Guys Jump On Me PSN Is Down And Were Still Up. Ive Been Playing Mk9 Online ) HaHaHaHa!!!!!!

  10. An R Key

    If you don’t want the extra characters don’t buy them. Obviously no one here has been with mortal kombat for the long run because they would know that all the disc characters are pre-mk 4 (besides Quan Chi and the new Cyber Sub-Zero). So adding Kenshi (MK DA) and Skarlett (glitch character) is a very welcome addition since they are post-MK 4 and if it were up to me I’d say release every post MK-4 character for DLC if you don’t want them don’t buy them you don’t need to have Kenshi and Skarlett to “keep in the competitive game.” Each character has pros and cons so get over yourselves.

    1. Just_O

      I agree wit An R Key completely on everything! If u don’t wan em, then don’t buy em. N Kratos is just a plus for PS3 since he’s The Fuckin God of War which originated for PS3 Dumbasses. I got a ps3 n I love the game. N yes I Did purchase Kenshi n Scarlett. Kenshis sick n Scarlett got some tight fatalities, but I don’t use then often. N at least we don’t have to pay for our online access. Fuck X-Box n ur gay fat ass awkward controllers Montee the gay xbox lover

      1. sub – scopian


  11. Carlos

    Completely right dude. And fuck the fag that keeps talking shit about psn, pathetic fuck, there just consoles! Its just that PS3 has better shit than shitty xbox! you wont even care if you DID have Kratos, youve never played as him! Thats for us to enjoy & appreciate XD And well i wont die if i dont play online with morons like you for a month or so XD And besides BITCH, psn is free! And when it comes back were getting even more free stuff! UNCHARTED! GAME OF THE YEAR!! GOD OF WAR NOMINEE!! SHUT UP XBOX!

  12. SubZeroFAN

    i just wish the DLCs came with MK…..PS3 RULES__XBOX IS FOR FOR FAGGOTS =]

    1. Damian

      Hey…at least our shit doesn’t get hacked like all of you pocket pinchin pussies!!

  13. Xbox More like SEXBOX. Xbox is bullocks like Halo Reach and RE 5,Big let downs unlike PS3s own LBP or LBP2 or maybe Killzone 3 so up yours XBOX sorry SEXBOX

  14. caleb perkins

    some of you have problems… ive been playin mk since sega so i know wat your sayin an r key. 1 if you bitching about the characters fuck off. 2 ive had three xboxs and they all broke so imma stick with ps3. last but not least 20 o 30 bucks aint shit so if your bitching about buying the dlc maybe its time to put the controller down get off your fat ass and get a muhfuckin job. p.s. dont like it then dont get it but im still going to whoop your ass with kenshi either way.

  15. alec

    i just want to know the release date for lady in red and kenshi for x-box 360 ….does anyone know