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AvoidingThePuddle’s E3 Interview with Harada and Michael Murray

Aris from AvoidingThePuddle also had a chance to interview Harada-san and Michael Murray at E3 last week. Aris goes in depth with them over Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s arcade release and why it will not work in American arcades and possibly other regions as well. Check it out below. If you haven’t seen our interview with Harada, be sure to check out that out here (now with full transcript!)







2 responses to “AvoidingThePuddle’s E3 Interview with Harada and Michael Murray”

  1. KenmasterX

    US Tekken scene is the real problem.

  2. Johnny

    The real reason TTT1 faggots hate T6br and TTT2, is because they can’t win against top players in a balanced game, they’re scared to lose and be exposed! so they blame hopkicks being broken and random! lol Nothing is broken in T6br and TTT2! that’s why namco won’t nerf hopkicks, idiots! lol