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Level Up Your Game – Tekken 6 – Bob

In this episode, MYK covers Tekken 6’s Bob in-depth. The episode weighs in at over 1 hour and 20 minutes so set some time aside! If you haven’t heard, Namco is providing a $5k pot bonus for Tekken 6 at Evolution this year. As Bob is one of the top characters in the game, this episode comes at an opportune time for anyone thinking about competing at Evo 2011. Check it out below:







13 responses to “Level Up Your Game – Tekken 6 – Bob”

  1. […] trio Rip, MYK et True se réunit une nouvelle fois pour le huitième épisode de Level Up Your Game consacré cette fois-ci à Bob. Que vous soyez joueur de Tekken 6 ou non, c’est toujours […]

  2. Looking forward to watching it later this weekend :).

    Make LUYG Kuma/Panda episode with me, lol :P.

  3. […] Level Up Your Game is the premier Tekken tutorial show. The latest episode, hosted by Rip, MYK, and True!, is all about Bob. In just an hour and a half, learn everything you need to know to be successful with the tubbiest man in Tekken. […]

  4. J.K

    Already looking forward to the next episode, hoping for Law as i’m trying to learn him abit.

  5. Asianskyblue

    That was very informative. Thanx a lot. Bob isn’t my main but i can’t see him losing too.
    Is there any chance of Marduk showing up on Level up your game.


  6. kogetsu

    When Bob was BT how did you do that punch?

  7. freesoft

    Thank you..really informative!!

  8. photog

    Wonderful, keep it up thanks.

  9. DrBhup

    You didn’t cover all his bound moves! Bob has a bound move in df3+4,4 B!
    That last 4 bounds.

  10. It will be good to see bob..
    I suck against him..
    I main Lili & Nina
    So maybe this will help!
    Oh and can you do Nina Or Lili please..
    I would really appreciate the help..
    Im not bad with them, but im no expert!
    I still need help, Thanks!

  11. Moose

    Nice. Say, are you guys making a kazuya episode?

    1. Rip

      Not sure what our plans are at this point. I would say probably not at this point unless TTT2 gets a fast console release.

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