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Mortal Kombat: Enter Freddy Trailer

Mortal Kombat just released their newest DLC character, revealing Freddy Krueger to the roster.  I gotta say, I’m pretty surprised with this addition to Mortal Kombat, but he does seem like a good fit to the Mortal Kombat universe.

Anyone think Jason would make a good DLC character?






2 responses to “Mortal Kombat: Enter Freddy Trailer”

  1. Rip

    OH god. There was a rumor FOREVER ago that Freddy and Jason were going to be DLC. Now that Freddy’s here… will they bring Jason in as well!? Probably depends on how well the DLC sells

  2. […] is back with more free content for Mortal Kombat 9! Coming with the release of the Freddy Kreuger DLC will be two new Sub Zero skins, one for the regular Sub and the other for the cyber version. […]