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Evolution 2011 – Tekken 6 Matches – Top 8 and Pools

First I’d like to mention that personally I was very happy the way this Evo turned out. I made top 8 in Tekken 6 and I got to commentate matches in the pools. Anyway, here are the Top 8 matches from Evolution this past weekend. Top 8 was interesting to me since 6 of the 8 players were also in last Evolution’s Tekken 6 Top 8. Definitely not the most exciting Tekken Top 8 in Evo history because of the number of Bob players that made it, but still some good quality matches.

Top 8:

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3 responses to “Evolution 2011 – Tekken 6 Matches – Top 8 and Pools”

  1. So matches to watch..Sweeet.

    Btw congrats on getting 3rd this year.

  2. aleem

    the match with JF james and Kor , the commentry by markman he keeps calling james RIP , like mark man dont know whose playing lol

  3. raion15

    I find it hard to believe that he mistook james for RIP. Especially since they both have very different play styles using Law.