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Bogus Journeys – Episode 2 – Five Bucks on Zafina!

Hey guys, we’re back playing online with another episode of Bogus Journeys! This time around Rickstah takes the stick and shows us how to not play smart while I demonstrate my awesomely terrible King! Check it out and leave any suggestions/feedback in the comments:






21 responses to “Bogus Journeys – Episode 2 – Five Bucks on Zafina!”

  1. Damajer

    Very entertaining as always – thanks alot.

    Maybe you should try to only play at 4-5bars next episode and tell how hard it is to punish/juggle/throwbreak etc. eventhough the connection is supposed to be good.
    The fights might also be more entertaining becouse those who atleast know something about tekken (not like those in this episode) will not play at low pings.

    Another thing you could do is to rank up your character to 1stDan (which works offline with ghost battles), im not sure how well the matchmaking in T6 works but you might get abit better opponents with 1stDan then with the beginner rank so it might help getting to those online Stompers (who stereotypically do alot of Hopkicks/launching sweeps/throws).
    You know… just to prove how bad the “top online players” are.

    Well thats just my feedback.

    1. Dumbledore

      That is a sound idea.

  2. Dumbledore

    I kinda feel offended honestly, but mostly dissapointed with the side of the tekken community representatives that behaves like that.

    I mean I don’t play as much on line, mostly ofline with friends, but this simply leaves a bitter taste, mostly because you ridicule an opponent that you know nothing about, it is like showing the side that you maybe should not show…

    And it is sad considering how rip tries to somewhat soften Rickstah reaction with his positive comments, if nothing Rip has a tendency to be somewhat of a diplomat in all this.

    But that is mostly my opinion since it is my own problem for holding him (you guys) at high regard.

    I really mean no offense to the LUYG members since it is not their fault for people forming certain opinions about them, but I don’t think this all is a step in the good direction. But who knows, I ‘m probably wrong.

    1. Unmaker

      If you have a problem with people talking shit while playing fighting games, you may be playing the wrong games. Reevaluate yourself.

      1. Dumbledore

        I don’t have problem with people talking shit while playing fighting games, you misunderstand my point, it always has been and it will always be.

        But we are not talking just about any people as much as representatives of the tekken community. I know that I may be overblowing this out of proportions but that is the way how I see it.

  3. Causus

    100% agreed with Damajer. Rank up your characters, you’ll never catch the 70%+ win ratio peeps until you do. Or if you don’t have time to rank them consider player matches and maybe even custom matches, at least there you’ll find people who at least have KBD down.

    Also, I think you should cut back on the troll factor. I mean a little here and there is funny but this is too much. Set an example, find a better connection pick Mokujin and style.

    Lastly relax, have fun. Maybe have a few drinks before you get started. 🙂

    Keep it up, this show is what I’ve always wanted ever since I discovered CrossCounter.

  4. centaur of gravity

    Agreed. I mean I actually meet sun chip online rolling those 10k victories n shit. Try that one. Obviously someone with 30 games and 30% win ratio isnt going to be any good, be it on- or offline.


    LOL I love it. Keep up the good work dudes!

  6. Derek

    Hey rip. U should add me and play me. I am pretty good. Kyohiko. Leo players

  7. AAK

    I enjoy these… A lot!

  8. Rip

    The only problem with ranking up the characters is that it will take forever. Online isn’t exactly a mode I want to grind on.. We’re experimenting on different settings to try and get better connections. Last recording session we had a lot more 4-5 bar connections. I don’t want to spend hours recording trying to only find 5 bar matches and then have to spend a bunch of time to edit it down. The beauty of this series is that it is 100x easier/faster to make than LUYG episodes (which we haven’t stopped btw). As is, its an honest representation of what someone can expect to find if they go online and accept matches without waiting 10’s of minutes.

    1. Causus

      Then I recommend using custom match. That way you can search in bulk and find a good connection easily.

      1. SSJ-Luffy

        Don’t think, that they want to play against the same people all the time. In custom matches, you have to wait, too…

        Nobody picking Alisa?? She is godly in online mode, iWR 1 all the day, some crush moves and get your hatemail, still don’t have one hatemail xD

    2. Just reject a bad connection once between matches.

    3. Damajer

      Set your match options to one round instead of 3 and fight ghostbattles in offline mode till you hit 1stDan, takes MAX 5minutes if your unlucky.

      You can get to 1stDan without even hitting online mode once,
      do Ricky a favour and let him play against ~somewhat~ decent players.

  9. centaur of gravity

    I search for best connection and it usually takes less than 10 seconds for the game to find a match, its quite good actually. In that case you obviously get to play pretty much everything from a first-timer to a seasoned player with 10k+ games under his belt. But I love that variety in skill and playstyles. Offline play just has those 10-15 good moves youll constantly use. You fight one bob= you fought all bobs. Although being able to break throws and block lows does indeed make a huge difference ;o

  10. KimBauerPower

    i wanna be on Bogus Journeys. I will prepare my angus.

  11. DJD2010

    From now on i’ll always be playing ranking matches waiting to get my butt kicked by anyone of these guys 🙂 😛

  12. imtherealkratos

    keep this up guys. its funny

  13. Ei8hTy SiX

    So… what do you suggest to someone who does not have access to an arcade or any good local competition on console? Do we play the game “single player” on hardest difficulty, or do we play online??? How do I get better?

    1. Rip

      Well first you need to have an idea/goal for what ‘better’ means to you. If its just so you can know the game better and have more fun with it, then online is fine. If you want to get better so that you can compete in tournaments and maybe one day end up on Tekken Crash, then online is going to end up limiting you more than helping you.

      If you have no access to arcades or good local competition then your only option really is online. Which is sad imo because its played very differently. As with offline, you can always improve by just spending time in practice mode, learning your character inside out from TZ/LUYG/Frame data etc.
      Online can help you get better by giving you experience against other characters. However, if your goal is to enter big tournaments etc, then this online experience doesn’t necessarily transfer over well because there are so many options that will work well online but much much less often offline.

      Personally, I only go to the arcades once a week (it will be much more if ever get TTT2 of course). The rest of the time I’m practicing Ghost Battle on PSP to practice my movement / spacing / throw breaking / punishing / combos etc, or I’m in practice mode trying out other characters.