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Level Up Your Game Is Officially Partnered With Machinima

If you tuned in to this past Electric Wind God Friday’s stream you may have already heard this announcement. We filmed a short video of it as well which will be up later tonight, but in summary, Level Up Your Game is now officially partnered with Machinima. So who is Machinima and what does this mean for you? Machinima is one of, if not thee largest, video game networks on YouTube with over 25 million subscribers. For our viewers, this means that future episodes of Level Up Your Game and Bogus Journeys may appear on Machinima’s network of channels separately from the Level Up Your Game channel (If this happens, we will be providing teaser clips on the Level Up Your Game channel to redirect you to the full video). For us, this means that we will finally be able to run ads on our videos, giving us more incentive to create more videos and keep providing them free of charge.

Level Up Your Game has now been around for 2 years and with this partnership I expect we will stick around awhile longer. Be on the look out for our next Level Up Your Game episode to be released this week as well as a new Bogus Journeys episode! We also have a LOT of plans for the website as well, so stay tuned!







6 responses to “Level Up Your Game Is Officially Partnered With Machinima”

  1. KenG

    Congrats! You guys work hard and derserve it! What is the next luyg on?

  2. Leon Switch

    Congratulations! How about changing the show name to something cooler? 🙂

  3. Quadrupledragon

    Any idea when the Steve episode will be up? Last I heard was Monday, but I guess that’s changed, is it up to Machinima?

    1. Rip

      Yeah, I was hoping for Monday… They have the video, its just up to their scheduling. I’ll probably put up the next Bogus Journeys directly onto the LevelUpYourGame channel directly to avoid the delay

  4. aleem

    time to level up your website theme RIP 🙂

  5. AAK

    Soul Calibur V with Aris sounds like a boss idea. I really want to get into that series 🙂 It’ll be even more boss if Namco could hook you guys up with a pre-release copy to do an episode to coincide with the release of SCV.