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Level Up Your Game – Tekken 6 – Steve Fox

We’re back with our first episode on Machinima! MYK covers Steve Fox in depth! We need your help on this one guys. Machinima is not a fan of the length of our shows so they’d like to break it up into parts. Depending on how this episode does view wise, we may have to reformat the show. So if you’re a fan of the length, then please support by watching. If not, please post up some suggestions for how to break up the show in the comments. Thanks.


29 responses to “Level Up Your Game – Tekken 6 – Steve Fox”

  1. Emils

    Guys, great video…I improved on my Steve…but can you also make a Yoshimitsu,Armor King or King video please?:)

  2. Ivan Tullao

    Guys… This is too long for someone who’s new to tekken, and too cumbersome for people just looking for a specific data. I’m a fan of short concise overall videos like on the ones in shoryuken wiki and byakokoko’s youtube channel. If possible, first, make a video showing the general overview of the character, like his general playstyle, strenghts, weakness etc. Then put a link on your videos for the more specific stuff like stances, punishers/oki, and specific skills like throw buffering, DCK cancel, iSW etc.

    1. Dolor

      I’m a fan of the lengthy episodes. The character episodes look and sound like for those who have some basic knowledge of punishers, frame data etc. Episodes 1 and 2 are for those who need to learn all those terms. And you know, you can skip sections if you just want to know about -Idontknow- how to beat Steve.

      And I actually don’t like Machinima. But well, it seems like it’s more convenient for you guys for having them as partners, so my personal opinion is irrelevant. Maybe I’m just annoyed because of the watermarks. ;D
      Oh, and did the quality of the videos actually drop? It’s only in 480p.

      1. Ivan

        The problem is, you can never learn all of what they say in this single video in one day. Stances alone will take a couple of days to fully understand. And let’s say you want to move on to his oki, would you find it cumbersome to browse the whole video looking for the oki part? I do get frustrated with that. And there’s a lot that feels the same way.

        Actually, their webshows can be alot shorter (and produce superior quality) and even make the production efforts easier if they reformat the show… Honestly, I can’t suggest ideas if I don’t know what rip and co. want this webshow to be, if it’s going to be a webshow or a tutorial vid…

  3. cmon yall, everybody can play top tiers! we need some level up ur game Xiaoyu or Yoshimitsu….the Lei episode was the best so far!

  4. junglistric

    Great tutorial – it was long but Steve is a complex character. I would have liked to seen more information presented on a list of moves can transition into the stances like PAB and FLK.

  5. Ardid

    Keep up with the good work. I’m not a fan of the lenght of your show, but of the DEEPNESS of it. Something you can’t do with just short cuts. So don’t be worried, just do the job as you are doing riht now. We will thank you every time.

  6. Eneboy117

    Good Job Guys, thanks for the information !! keep doing !!

  7. dash

    I love the videos, they go more in depth then most videos out there. I reccomend it for everyone that want to learn the game.

    But just a few suggestions if I may, considering the whole Machinima partnership: instead of changing the format of the videos, put some marks on youtube, and a little index below. This way, if I want to go straight to, let’s say, punishers or oki, I check the index, and just go for the specifi video mark. This way you can keep longer videos and still be a quick source of knowledge.

    Not sure if it would be too much work, but a legend for moves would be nice. I’m not american, so sometimes I have problems understanding the combo when spoken fast (just a 1,1,3 on the screen when presenting a move/combo the first time).

    Keep up the good work

  8. Hey, guys. As someone with their own podcast, I really appreciate what you’re doing here. I’m actually okay with the length of these episodes, but I do think they would benefit from some sort of sectioned format rather than one big clip. I’ve been considering doing that with my own podcast but haven’t decided exactly how best to do it. Plus, some players have already said they would find that helpful.

    If Machinima already wants you to shorten the videos, maybe that could serve as a tiny bit of incentive? 🙂

    1. Rip

      Im not sure what you mean by a ‘sectioned format’ as the show is already broken up into ‘sections’ ?

      In the video description box, there are actually time marks to each section (which should be links that the guys at Machinima didn’t create, but I’ll ask them to do that).

  9. AAK

    This is what I posted on the youtube comments:

    The format now is perfect. It flows systematically and perfectly. And the time stamps for specific portions that you want to view are already in the description. Breaking it into separate videos will make it significantly less intuitive to learn. And everything is equally important. Knowing the punishers, useful moves, the okizeme, the wall game. When I want to view the tutorial I would want the full package, not get punishers one week, and then okizeme 2 weeks later.

    Regardless, Steve is such an amazing character design. It’s so cool how unique he is from the rest of the cast where his kicks area ll weaves and ducks. I wish Namco tried other characters like this.

    <3 The show guys 🙂

  10. MaZtR HaXoR

    Hey guys, the show format is already perfect, so please don’t change it, just like AAK said.

    Love how Steve really is a badass character that the only Anti-Steve strategy is to take chances an find holes or flaws of the player that is playing him 🙂

    You really need to do a guide on BADASS BRYAN FURY!!! 🙂
    Because he is not much of a mainstream character yet when mastered, belongs to God Tier 😉

  11. great episode! thank you so much! 😀

    any chances that you guys would cover Leo next time?

  12. Rip

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. I really appreciate it. Though I may not have responded to each, I have read all of them.

    Sorry about the 480p – I uploaded 720p and when I checked it on day 2 I couldve sworn it was 720p. Not in my control. I assume they don’t have time to encode that length at 720p. If they let us keep the length and encode time is an issue for the resolution I’ll try and work something out so I can encode it for them.

    If we have to cut it up/reformat the show, I think I’m going to go with something like Ivan suggested where we do general overview, then detail specific in separate videos.

  13. Damajer

    Great episode keep it up.

    but theres one suggestion about a part I always just skip:
    the combo section – instead of showing of alot of combos, it would be nice if you would talk about his combo potential (dmg, walldmg,wallcarry)
    tell us what moves you use to wallcarry pre-bound, which moves carry well after binding an opponent close to a wall and what wallcombos to use with or without bound left. Maybe say something about the lowparry combos and things you can do with wallbreaks/floorbreaks.
    The current combo section is the only section that provides nothing that we couldnt find aswell on youtube.

  14. Damajer

    if you would tweak your combo section you could also talk about the boundmoves there instead of having a seperate section for bound moves

  15. CabeloCZ

    PLS Bryan next time with Mr.Naps 🙂