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Tekken 6 – Nancy vs Azazel ?

I wish someone could tell me how to do this. Apparently they have a hacked xbox 360 and somehow were able to hack Tekken 6 to get Nancy to take Armor King’s spot in the character select screen. Looks fun to mess around with:






3 responses to “Tekken 6 – Nancy vs Azazel ?”

  1. DaRizat

    I could beat Rip’s Nancy all day free. Rip, I’ll rip him a new one!

    1. Rip

      Rip’s Nancy would jack you up

  2. Targie

    This can be done quite easily on a CFW psp too.
    But I think we’re all well aware that I’m the KING of Nancys!

    (Lol get it, Jack you up, like the Tekken character. And there’s a Tekken character called King. King of Nancys, implying I’m a bitch….

    Yeah, I can make terrible puns, do I get to be on Bogus Journeys now?)