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Soul Calibur 5 – Astaroth and Voldo Combo Videos

Quick roundup of the combo videos that have come out recently for Soul Calibur 5. sithlord’s Astaroth combo video is ridiculous and includes some death combos. Enkindu put up some staple Voldo combos along with some tech catches. Watching these videos in order pretty much sums up how I feel when playing Voldo lol





3 responses to “Soul Calibur 5 – Astaroth and Voldo Combo Videos”

  1. KenG

    first astaroth combo is not blockable?

    1. Rip

      TBH, I’m still a bit confused on the tech-roll system in this game so I’m not sure

  2. chemicalRed

    Cool. I’ve seen some crazy Yoshi combos as well.