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Tekken Character Skins DLC for Soul Calibur 5

Namco has released more screenshots of their upcoming skin pack DLC’s for Soul Calibur 5. Along with the Tekken character skins they will also be releasing an ‘Ancient Armor’ pack as well as a ‘Modern’ set. Check out the screenshots below. Theres a bunch screenshots of the other DLC packs after the jump. If you can read japanese, here’s some pricing information.

Also, let me know if the new comment system is working okay for you.. unless.. its not working for you..





7 responses to “Tekken Character Skins DLC for Soul Calibur 5”

  1. Islaw

    Ling with that Astaroth axe!

  2. Firat Celebi

    If the comment section was blue, it would’ve been more better, other than that it looks good

  3. Reality

    I wonder if this will make DVJ a tourney playable character as from what I gather the problem was he didn’t have a real skin (set in stone hitbox) before. Nice to see Namco supporting this game as much as they are.

  4. abner

    idk about the comments but the gallery isnt working for me.

    1. hmmm, strange. I guess you’re the only person that tried to click on them. I’ll update it

  5. LevelUpYourGame

    King looks pretty awesome with that Nightmare sword

  6. Marc Naujoks