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Tekken Tag 2 – Fight Lab Run Through – E3 2012

As mentioned in my E3 Impressions & Recap, I got the chance to run through the Fight Lab demo for Tekken Tag 2. It seems like it will be a good tool to teach people who are totally unfamiliar with Tekken how the juggle/sidestep system works. The sidestep section that was included could definitely be expanded upon. Would be nice to see more movement tutorials in here as well – maybe a minigame where things are exploding in front of you and you have to backdash them. Then add on to it with say, avoid object exploding in front of you with a backdash, then hit a target in front of you. The super physics for B! and stuff were fun to mess around with as was the Turbo mode. Makes me wonder if TTT2:Turbo isn’t a bad idea.. The developers are very interested to see what everyone thinks, so be sure to sound off in the comments if you have any suggestions/criticism





13 responses to “Tekken Tag 2 – Fight Lab Run Through – E3 2012”

  1. Alex Chin

    I cant wait when it comes out! ill be doing this all day, just to get my Perfect Combot

  2. Chaoz

    Love the dancing panda + kuma in the background! XD

  3. notdijon

    the silly stuff is fine, I just hope there’s real substance that teaches about how to play against humans in tekken in there.
    you know, something like the VF tutorial

  4. corehand

    Character specific tutorials, tips and strategies would be nice, but I think that would be too much. 😛
    I guess an explanation like what you guys did in your first LUYG episode and the TTT2 Prologue special would be good. Throws (& escapes), movement, wall/barrier/floor breaks, tag options, red life, rage/netsu, reversals and chickens, etc… All sorts of that stuff, since they are imo essential in the game. This would make the Fight Lab more interesting for casual players, who might know the mechanics a bit, but could still learn a lot.

  5. ketlord

    very detalied things but i hope it would help all the fighters 🙂

  6. SonGohanX

    The Fight lab seemed fairly useful until after the pizza throwing mini game. (Which is a pretty cool idea) I’m not too sure how the crazy B! physics and turbo mode are going to help new players get used to the system, though. I think Fight lab should retain the same B! physics and speed as the real game. For the combo tutorials, I think it should go something like:
    a.) launcher
    b.) launcher + juggle filler
    c.) launcher + B!
    d.) launcher + juggle filler + B!
    e.) launcher + juggle filler + B! + ender
    Overall, the less you stray from the in-game mechanics, the more a player will be able to carry over from Fight Lab to a real fight.

  7. unmaker

    Something for breaking throws?  In game throw break trainer?

  8. DTgoodlife

    I liked how they handled the juggle and sidestep tutorials. Maybe mix it up with a “tracking pizza” that is easy to see to let players know that not everything can be sidestepped.
    I disliked the turbo mode. Yes it is wacky and fun to mess around with, but as a beginner I would like the lab to simulate situations that I would run into in a real match as much as possible. I am never going to get a super speed boost and be able to bound multiple times in a combo during a fight, so I really do not see what purpose this serves. The same goes for the button mashing sequences. That is 100% unnecessary.
    I definitely agree that they should expand on the movement tutorials, in particular backdashing. The problem with this is how difficult backdash canceling is to do as well as the various methods to cancel with. The developers should approach this carefully so as not to overwhelm new players. Rip’s “exploding method” sounds good as a start.
    A basic tutorial on frame data using the combot moves can easily and should be added. 
    TL;DR    More core mechanics, less gimmicks. Keep it simple but effective; don’t overload them but don’t dumb it down so much it doesn’t help.

  9. SonGohanX

    Yeah, forgot about the button mashing sequence. That is pretty pointless as well.

  10. SuperAmmario

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the info you’ve provided to us over the past week!

  11. It would be nice to have a juggle training sistem like the one seen on T5 BR for PSP.. That was coool!! … Regards from Spain!! Good jod!!

  12. Targie

    Guys, the VF tutorial wasn’t good. I’m going to keep saying it everywhere I go until it sets in. This has the potential to be a lot better. It -should- be a lot better. Please don’t content yourself with bad tutorials, this is a big thing in fighting games that needs to change.
    The silly stuff like turbo mode and triple bound or whatever is necessary, it’s fun and engaging and people like fun, it catches their interest you don’t want to make it feel like people are slugging through the tutorial and reading all the time, you need to make them smile too! Hell, they should make a turbo option in the vs menu. You know how those reviewers like their silly extras, as do the casual fans and they’re the ones paying the bills.
    But, priority for these tutorials need to have some info on -why- people should be doing things, for combos it’s easy ‘you want to do more damage’. It’s important to remember that this isn’t a new IP, and it isn’t even a new game, we know how the game is played at the intermediate to upper levels, and we know what people need to know and do to get to those levels. Teach that, job done.
    But things that need to be included I think are:
    Basic stuff about frame data/ block punishment: When I teach people I tell them to break things into ‘not-punishable’ ’10f/jab punishable’ and ’15f/launch punishable’ that’s all this needs to be I think, maybe a link to what will be the newly updated LUYG app 😉
    Basic game flow, this is a little more difficult than say VF or SC because the flow isn’t as rigid as the ‘turn taking’ structure of those games, but it is still there and can easily be given passing mention. Don’t do this bit in turbo mode plz.
    And a focus on movement, why I want to be cancelling dashes into sidesteps, what’s a wavedash and why is it good? etc.
    For some non essentials that should be given a nod:
    Tradeoff between wall carry/damage
    I forgot everything else I wanted to say :/ But I think I’ve got my point across, this isn’t a new IP, we know a lot about how the game works and how to play it. Don’t make the tutorial as if we don’t have that information.

  13. painxinxvain

    hello people.
    A little new to writing posts, so bare with me.
    I like the fact that there is a turbo mode, and ya i would like to see it in the VS. menu as a little extra fun. This turbo mode also helps the new players out, after they get the basics out of the way it can help with the eye to hand coordination. (I’m going to catch some gripe on this comment) I would compare it to DDR (sorry) If you start out it’s seems really hard, you get the basic steps out of the way and speed it up. after about 1 day you go back to the slower speed and it seems so much easier.
    About the basics, even the mashing of the button, the comment was made in the video that “You can hit it really slow. It doesn’t really matter that much”. Gotta remember not everyone knows how to tap a button in certain amount of frames. I was trying to teach my sister in-law how to play, she was 9 at the time, and she had never played a fighting game. She can use a Wii remote no problem, but put a PS3 D-pad in her hand and she had no idea how fast she had to hit the button to make Devil Jin do a 1,1  yet alone to even try a 1,2. The younger ones have to start somewhere.
    I like the basic combo chain that shows how to do a launch +bound+ender. It’s a good start for the new people that have the simple basic moves down to start learning about juggles and bound moves.
    the multi-bounce bound thing in there is probably not very useful IMO. Stick with the more in game mechanics.
    frame data would be a nice trainer along with throw breaks, and i think someone else mentioned about a tracking movie trainer. Something to show that this move is straight and this move will follow you.
    Maybe something about tag combo trainer would nice too.