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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Tutorial Video #2 – Intermediate 1 of 2

Continuing on with our tutorial series for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, this time we go into some intermediate topics with zoning in 3D, the throw system, and advanced movement with topics such as backdash cancelling, wavedashing, snake dashing, and more. We bit of more than we could chew with this episode, so we had to cut it up into two pieces. Second half should be up early next week with combos from some of the new characters.


18 responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Tutorial Video #2 – Intermediate 1 of 2”

  1. Saiko No Shinigami

    Gr8 job !

  2. JonatanThoren

    Hi guys. love your videos as always. Your video editing guy is fucking awesome. I just started to put up some videos on youtube myself and was wondering if you can share some pro tips on how to make the video quality so damn good. I have been sitting and reading/watching guides and tutorials now for about 4 days straight, and I’m still not happy with the quality I get ones its uploaded to youtube. I’m using sony vegas pro 10 atm. but I’m willing to start fresh with another program if it will give me better quality. Please share your godly wisdom. //Crimson

    1.  @JonatanThoren Cameras record at 1080p. Video capture is at 720p 60fps. Edit in Premiere at 720p 60fps. Encode and upscale to 1080p 60fps mp4 when exporting.  Youtube has lower bitrate for 720p than 1080p, so upscaling to 1080p gives better results even for 720p footage

      1. JonatanThoren

        Thanks. what bitrate do you recommend?

      2.  @JonatanThoren The higher the better. Youtube’s is super low, something like 6 for 1080p.  15-20 is what we usually use when capturing. When encoding for youtube, Ive been using 12

      3. JonatanThoren

         @LevelUpYourGame thanks. just “got” premiere. will try to learn it as fast as possible. Btw. do you recommend using the AVCHD 1080p60 Sequence Presets as a base?

  3. How to get those crazy Heihachi t-shirt?sorry 4 my engilsh :]

    1.  @grey1984 They were given out at E3 and Comic-Con. Not sure if Namco is going to make them available later

  4. GuestA

    Just wanna add some note to the throws, non air grabbing throws are vulnerable to hop kicks or jump attacks.
    And when both character throws at the same time, it push each other away.
    And some characters has throws counter(reversal).
    And the homing parts, beside homing moves, there are also moves that has single side tracking ability. Can also be used to track down the ss opponent if u know their habit of ss to a specific side.

    1.  @GuestA Good tips. We’ll try to include some of this in our last episode

  5. 9thpixel

    Good tutorial series so far, but I must post a complaint. This is the second basics tutorial video you have created that has missed a very vital step in movement. The new players should be taught stair-stepping before backdash canceling. It hurts to know that many new players will once again be turned away from Tekken, because no one will tell them that they can do something a little easier to actually enjoy the game until they are ready for the difficult stuff.
    Stair Step
    dash, sidestep, dash, sidestep, dash, sidestep…
    I really enjoy the quality and the professional presentation, and I hope to see more great content.

  6. cristianomartins1991

    great video 😀 will you make a character specific tutorial like you used?

  7. iGab

    Newbie here, does the system counts kicks (3 or 4) as throw break attempts?

    1. 9thpixel


    2. 9thpixel

       @iGab  No, it does not.
      ***Knowledge from previous Tekken’s that may or may not apply to Tekken Tag Tournament 2***
      There is only one instance where kicks are used to throw break and that is within King’s Throw Away ( b+1+2 ) series. However, it is also the only throw in which the victim can break more than one option within it’s series of follow-ups. The highest reward options that push the victim down can both be broken. How? Mashing 2 just after the start and mashing 3+4 at the end (the windows in which to break these occur at different points).

      1. iGab

         @9thpixel So, I mean, for instance I have been grabbed with a 2+4 throw, just exactly before I was going to do a d/f+3. And I pressed my 3 during the time I was being grabbed, does this mean I can no longer escape the throw?

      2. iGab

         @9thpixel EDIT: I didn’t see “No, it does not.” sorry.

      3. 9thpixel

         @iGab  Yes, I tested that again just out of curiousity. Kicks do not count as an input during a throw attempt.
        And I must correct myself in saying that there are two instances of 3+4 in a throw break not just one. The one I mentioned above and a just frame 3+4 “break” input with King’s figure 4 leg lock. If you press 3+4 at a particulary exact moment you take damage from his lock, you will roll him over and cause him damage in a small reversal.