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LUYG – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Tutorial #4 – Combos

Continuing on our Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tutorial series with Namco Bandai Games this is Tutorial #4 – Combos! We cover everything from the tag assault system, the rage system, red life management, tag crash, easy/automatic tag assault filler, universal tag assault bounds and more. If you know anyone interested in learning anything about this game, they need to watch this episode.





10 responses to “LUYG – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Tutorial #4 – Combos”

  1. Ruhul_A

    @reepal @LevelUpYourGame That was the episode I needed

  2. NerdJosh

    @reepal @LevelUpYourGame hey thanks to you and @avoidthepuddle i haven’t checked out much but great jobs from what I’ve seen!

    1. nycfurby

      @NerdJosh @reepal @LevelUpYourGame @AvoidThePuddle i agree great job guys.

  3. Yuri_BO

    @reepal Do you know portuguese??? Sorry for the ignorance, I just started wacthing Level Up Your Game

    1. reepal

      @Yuri_BO do not, just english. I took spanish in school for like a year or two, so only hello thank you goodbye etc!

      1. Yuri_BO

        @reepal Hahaha, sorry! Saw the “Por Favor” and got weird out.

  4. aleemx316

    @reepal @LevelUpYourGame what is a good internet connection to play tag 2? i have 2 megs n it lags

    1. reepal

      @aleemx316 upload speed probably matters. Your router as well. I have an above average connection so I cant tell you what the low end is

  5. R0bSkii

    @reepal @levelupyourgame awesome stuff man!

  6. chintrick

    @reepal @LevelUpYourGame fuck your tournament Whe “hie” heehee :Ddd