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Morning Bread N Butter – TTT2 – Jinpachi Mishima – Ep1

Hey guys, this is our new almost daily tutorial series for TTT2 – Morning Bread N Butter! We’re going to try and cover a character per weekday minus Thursday (we’re up late at WNF). This tutorial series is to help new players get their feet wet with a character and familiarize everyone on the character’s essentials. We will be covering the new characters to the series first as well as some of the easier characters to learn. We originally started the series at 10am (insane) and have now pushed it back to noon PST / 3pm EST. Be sure to follow us on twitch.tv/levelupyourgame to catch it live. I’ll be releasing a tutorial a day from twitch onto youtube going forward!






7 responses to “Morning Bread N Butter – TTT2 – Jinpachi Mishima – Ep1”

  1. Mike Magno

    Wow! I just picked this character up last night too, thanks! U guys rock 🙂

  2. Aly Hesham

    Really Awesome guys..I hope you crank out content now 😀

  3. Alex Chin

    Spirit BOMB! XD

  4. Ace Oraiz

    thanks LUYG! 😀

  5. crypthis

    guys, please do bnb for bruce! 🙂

  6. himself949

    Guys, for each character could you also recommend tag partners

  7. FaizanShergill

    RIP… pleeez make another video for JINPACHI MISHIMA… this was really short and didnt cover most of the stuff like => Tag assault fillers/enders and some other stuff, like u demonstrated moves for other Mishima family members.
    by the way nice work u r doing. really improved my gaming. thanks.