03rd Oct2014

Tekken 7 – Location Test Video Roundup – Day 1

by Rip

Yesterday we got a bunch of videos of Tekken 7 in action from the location test. We got to see some of the Rage Arts and the Power Crush attacks as well. Today streams will be up and there will be much more higher quality content coming through. Catch up on yesterday’s clips below. Much more after the jump:


22nd Feb2013

Nilopilo – TTT2 – Stylish Double Law Combo Video

by Rip

When it comes to combo videos I’ve always enjoyed the ones that have seen more time in the editing room. They may not have the best combos and you may not learn the most from them, but they’re fun to watch regardless. This vid comes from Nilopilo (who I’m pretty sure has made some combo videos in previous Tekken games as well) so if you like it be sure to search out his older stuff:

08th Oct2012

TTT2 Updated v1.02! Slim Bob, Sebastian, Miharu Released + 4 New Stages and MORE

by Rip

The new 1.02 patch for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is live and has a TON of new features. While we all expected the FREE new TTT2 DLC characters and stages, they have ALSO patched out some of the issues with the initial release (A.Ogre infinite/Kunimitsu ducking mids) plus added more features to the entire game (World Arena and Tekken Theater!) GET ONLINE and DOWNLOAD IT NOW FOR FREE!

New features:
-Sebastian, Slim Bob, Miharu released!
-4 New Stages! Saudi Arabia, Chile, Russia, and Poland!!
-WORLD ARENA inside Online Mode
-Equip/Customize decal in the customize mode
-Tekken Theater added to Gallery Mode – allows you to download openings/endings from Tekken 1,2,3, and TTT1!
-Access to PSN Store from Menu
-PS3 Customization load times decreased!
-Kunimitsu ducking mids patched out
-Ancient Ogre wall infinite patched out

22nd Sep2012

GuC11 – KYSG Yoshimitsu/Kunimitsu TTT2 Combo Video

by Rip

As if one KYSG TTT2 combo video wasn’t enough for one day, GuC11 delivers another awesome one. This time with Yoshimitsu/Kunimitsu all the way through. Some really awesome creative stuff in here, so be sure to check it out:

19th Sep2012

Morning Bread N Butter – TTT2 – Jinpachi Mishima – Ep1

by Rip

Hey guys, this is our new almost daily tutorial series for TTT2 – Morning Bread N Butter! We’re going to try and cover a character per weekday minus Thursday (we’re up late at WNF). This tutorial series is to help new players get their feet wet with a character and familiarize everyone on the character’s essentials. We will be covering the new characters to the series first as well as some of the easier characters to learn. We originally started the series at 10am (insane) and have now pushed it back to noon PST / 3pm EST. Be sure to follow us on twitch.tv/levelupyourgame to catch it live. I’ll be releasing a tutorial a day from twitch onto youtube going forward!

11th Jun2012

Tekken Tag 2 – Test Angel Combos by Kane

by Rip

Check out these sample Tekken Tag 2 Angel combos from her f+3,1. The f+3 is a stance/command dash and leads to some juicy stuff. The electric is not nearly as difficult as Kazuya’s df+2 CH electric either.

29th Sep2011

Mortal Kombat Returns to the Big Screen!

by Rip

Wow, did not see this coming. After the MK Legacy series, director Kevin Tanchereon will get his chance to bring his version of the MK universe to theaters everywhere. Scheduled for 2013 with a budget of under $100 million dollars it sounds like they’re going all out. Hopefully the movie will be more like MK Rebirth than MK Legacy. If you don’t remember the teaser that got MK Legacy going, here it is again: