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Tekken Tag 2 – Sebastian Tag Assault Glitch Found

Mere hours after the Tekken Tag 2 1.02 patch was released, a glitch has been found for the new free DLC character Sebastian. It involves hitting his db+4 then bounding with b+1. Basically, its bad news because its a glitch that allows you to raw tag to get a ‘tag buffered’ launcher situation out of a Tag Assault. Since they patched some balance things into this 1.02 patch I assume this Sebastian glitch will be patched eventually as well.





8 responses to “Tekken Tag 2 – Sebastian Tag Assault Glitch Found”

  1. David Gamaliel

    Are this characters…already..for download…

  2. Pao Lo Miguel

    Lol they just released the patch now theres a glitch? Geez how fast do you guys find these?

  3. Ray Mills



    @reepal @LevelUpYourGame I was able to make this glitch work by doing (with miharu on point) u/b 3+4,tag,1,2,b1. Maybe it has something (c)

  5. Gar Jonathan Olanday

    How do i equip the decals I made? How do I know which are the special flags?

  6. Adnan Khalid


  7. Lee Hieng Kim

    the decal only can equip to the costume that show the FLAG near to it ( for example, formal shirt ) 😀

  8. Oscar Puebla