12th Nov2012

Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Slim Bob, Miharu, Sebastian – DLC Overview

by Rip

In this episode of our character tutorial series for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 we give an overview of the first batch of DLC characters – Slim Bob, Miharu, Sebastian! As these were clone characters we focused more on their differences than how to play them overall. Be sure to follow the twitch channel to be notified when we go live with TTT2, whether it be tutorials or just online play:

09th Oct2012

Tekken Tag 2 – Sebastian Tag Assault Glitch Found

by Rip

Mere hours after the Tekken Tag 2 1.02 patch was released, a glitch has been found for the new free DLC character Sebastian. It involves hitting his db+4 then bounding with b+1. Basically, its bad news because its a glitch that allows you to raw tag to get a ‘tag buffered’ launcher situation out of a Tag Assault. Since they patched some balance things into this 1.02 patch I assume this Sebastian glitch will be patched eventually as well.

08th Oct2012

TTT2 Updated v1.02! Slim Bob, Sebastian, Miharu Released + 4 New Stages and MORE

by Rip

The new 1.02 patch for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is live and has a TON of new features. While we all expected the FREE new TTT2 DLC characters and stages, they have ALSO patched out some of the issues with the initial release (A.Ogre infinite/Kunimitsu ducking mids) plus added more features to the entire game (World Arena and Tekken Theater!) GET ONLINE and DOWNLOAD IT NOW FOR FREE!

New features:
-Sebastian, Slim Bob, Miharu released!
-4 New Stages! Saudi Arabia, Chile, Russia, and Poland!!
-WORLD ARENA inside Online Mode
-Equip/Customize decal in the customize mode
-Tekken Theater added to Gallery Mode – allows you to download openings/endings from Tekken 1,2,3, and TTT1!
-Access to PSN Store from Menu
-PS3 Customization load times decreased!
-Kunimitsu ducking mids patched out
-Ancient Ogre wall infinite patched out

19th Sep2012

Tekken Tag 2 – Time Release DLC Characters Starts October 9!

by Rip

Excited about Dr.B, Sebastian, Slim Bob, Miharu, Unknown and Violet? Well Famitsu is reporting that these characters and the additional DLC stages will start rolling out, one at a time, from October 9th. Oh yea, and they are free. Time release of course a throwback to the arcade scene so it would be cool for those in the arcades if these get time released at the same time in the arcades. More videos after the jump!


12th Sep2012

TTT2 Sebastian, Miharu, Slim Bob, and Dr. Bosconovitch Gameplay Revealed

by Rip

Earlier this morning on a Namco Bandai TTT2 stream Harada revealed gameplay clips for Sebastian, Miharu, Slim Bob, and Dr. Bosconovitch. Dr. B looks as crazy as ever. Check it out below: