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Tekken Ball Revealed for WiiU!

The latest trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the WiiU shows that Tekken Ball is making a return! Looks like the WiiU version has been getting all the bonus content love – here’s hoping some of it gets sent back to the PS3/360 versions as well. A bunch of screenshots available from the Tekken facebook page as well.





4 responses to “Tekken Ball Revealed for WiiU!”

  1. Gaute Skjærseth

    Online ranked Tekken Ball, Namco pls

  2. Anders Dimaya Pedersen

    We are many who want this mode on PS3 and 360. =(

  3. Dennis de Kok

    Indeed maybe after the wii u release as dlc

  4. Redditor

    Copyrighted Nintendo characters aren’t gonna make it on a ps3 or xbox. Just saying.