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TTT2 – Unknown Snapback Setup and KO Glitch

Rickstah has a found a possible tag crash/definite KO glitch with Unknown in TTT2. Certain combos leave your opponent at the right range after tag assault to set the opponent up with Unknown’s snapback move (1+2). While the opponent can escape by utilizing other wake up options, if the opponent tag crashes in – the outgoing character gets hit with the full damage of the snapback move. We’ve all seen that whenever the outgoing character is hit when both characters of a team are on screen that damage scaling is severe, however it does not seem to scale in this instance. In a way, this could be seen as a tag crash catch similar to techroll traps etc. Also, during the KO you will notice that the Unknown hand doesnt show up and the KO replay just shows the floor.





5 responses to “TTT2 – Unknown Snapback Setup and KO Glitch”

  1. Pao Lo Miguel

    is she vulnerable while she’s doing it after tag crash?

  2. Lars Åge Istad

    Pao yes

  3. Damajer

    cant you beat unknown out of it with (in this case michelle) or is michelle uncontrollable during this time

    1. @Damajer you can hit her/combo her/maybe even kill her, but the hand/snapback is still going to do full dmg. So in situations where the outgoing character is closer to death, its a guaranteed round win as long as unknown has enough health to survive a small beating

  4. Aeibouth

    looked at the video and then decided to look at other videos in the channel and lol Rip vs Cynnik omg lol man 🙂