13th Nov2012

TTT2 – Unknown Snapback Setup and KO Glitch

by Rip

Rickstah has a found a possible tag crash/definite KO glitch with Unknown in TTT2. Certain combos leave your opponent at the right range after tag assault to set the opponent up with Unknown’s snapback move (1+2). While the opponent can escape by utilizing other wake up options, if the opponent tag crashes in – the outgoing character gets hit with the full damage of the snapback move. We’ve all seen that whenever the outgoing character is hit when both characters of a team are on screen that damage scaling is severe, however it does not seem to scale in this instance. In a way, this could be seen as a tag crash catch similar to techroll traps etc. Also, during the KO you will notice that the Unknown hand doesnt show up and the KO replay just shows the floor.

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