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TTT2 – Online Casuals – Rip v Aris

Just a random online casual session between Aris and myself. Nothing serious, just fun games + his laggy internet. Let me know if you’d like to see more casuals uploaded and be sure to follow the twitch.tv channel to catch the gameplay live.






7 responses to “TTT2 – Online Casuals – Rip v Aris”

  1. Josh Chen

    Could Aris be the real Laggy Johnson™?

  2. René ‘Kor’ Maistry

    Dont you guys like like 12 mins from each other?

  3. Diego Alberto Carvajal Rivera

    no esperaba menos de rip

  4. LevelUpYourGame

    We live ~30 miles apart – his internet has been whack lately

  5. Alex Chin


  6. Alex Chin


  7. Alex Chin

    Me too when i play with my cousin. we live in the same city. but net still tends to lag out of us.