03rd Oct2015

King of Iron Fist 2015 West Coast Qualifier – Archive!

by Rip

The King of Iron Fist 2015 West Coast Qualifier is live now (UPDATE: Archive below) from Round 1 at the Puente Hills Mall. The winner of this tournament will be one of the USA representatives sent to Japan to compete in the King of Iron Fist 2015 tournament later this year. The favorite to win is Mr.Naps, but there are quite a few contenders as Aris, MYK, Kane, Suiken, JustFrameJames and many others will be there as well. The stream is available from teamsp00ky. Check out the full twitch archive after the jump or if you prefer youtube, click here for the playlist of the Top 8.

21st Feb2013

TTT2 – Online Casuals – Rip v Aris

by Rip

Just a random online casual session between Aris and myself. Nothing serious, just fun games + his laggy internet. Let me know if you’d like to see more casuals uploaded and be sure to follow the twitch.tv channel to catch the gameplay live.

02nd Feb2013

SCR 2013 – Tekken Tag 2 – Pools – Day 2 ft. Kane, FilthieRich, Inkog, JFJ, Aris and more

by Rip

Socal Regionals 2013 is in the books, but Tekken Tag 2 didn’t get any stream time for the pools so I captured most of it by camcorder. If you didn’t catch Day 1 Pools action, check out this post. Here is the playlist for ALL of the matches containing both Day 1 and Day 2. Players include Kane, Mr. Naps, Inkognito, FilthieRich, JustFrameJames, Aris, K30, Alexman, Jackie_tran and MORE! There are also a couple of Top 16 matches included in the FULL PLAYLIST. Check out some samples below:

27th Aug2012

ATP Iron Fist 101 – Lesson 2

by Rip

Aris has put up Lesson 2 of his Tekken tutorial series – Iron Fist 101. In this brief writeup he discusses ways to approach learning a character and dealing with large movesets. Check it out here

A common problem for new Tekken players when playing against human opponents is understanding how your character’s move list is applied in game. Having access to such a large number of moves can make move selection very difficult. The first solution to this problem is to watch matches featuring well known players of your character. When you watch these matches, look specifically for the moves that are being used the most. For now, you don’t need to think about how or when these moves are being used. Simply focus on which moves are usable and abusable at a high level and take note of these.


24th Jan2012

Bogus Journeys – Final Final Episodes

by Rip

Hey guys, its been fun, but I think Tekken 6 has run its course. The FGC has a couple of big titles coming up, so this will be the last of our Bogus Journeys for Tekken 6. Get ready for some crazyness as Aris and digitaldevil4gk join us in these final two episodes with an ending you have to see to believe.

12th Jan2012

Bogus Journeys – Tekken 6 – 2011 USA WCG Champ vs Aris – Part 3

by Rip

The finale of the set! Whose going to take it?! If you haven’t been keeping up (check part 1 and part 2) Aris and BlazinPeanut, the 2011 USA WCG Champ, have been battling back and forth online in Tekken 6 in this epic first to 10. Digitaldevil4gk is there as well! Check it out:

06th Jan2012

Bogus Journeys – Tekken 6 – 2011 USA WCG Champ vs Aris – Part 2

by Rip

The offline pro vs online champion first to 10 set continues! We left off with the score being 4 to 3 in Aris’ favor. Can he hold on to his lead? Will the WCG Champ take the lead back? Tune in to find out and please subscribe to our youtube channel! If you missed Part 1, check it out here! (just realized the site has just entered its second year of being with this release of part 2! Enjoy – we’ve got lots of stuff coming this year!)