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Injustice – 1.02 – Patch Notes

Over at the official website for Injustice NetherRealms has released the official patch notes for v1.02 (the patch that came out with Lobo). Surprisingly (in a good way), there aren’t really character balance changes aside from Doomsday. More general game system changes. Check out the changelog after the jump:

Code fixes
– Added Lobo Gameplay Functionality.
– Strengthened the stability of online connections between different connections, resulting in less de-synchronizations.
– Added the ability to initiate a transition attack when the defender is at an elevated position.
– Removed the ability for two gadget characters to both place bombs at the same time on some Interactive Objects.

Balance tweaks
– Increased overall combo damage scaling after a knockdown from Interactive Objects.
– Increased overall combo damage scaling on planted sticky bombs (Down + Interact button) pop-up combos.
– You can no longer initiate a clash on Killer Frost’s Ice Spike outside of a combo.
– The hitsphere on Doomsday’s jumping splash was adjusted to be slightly smaller and more in line with the original intention.
– Players land slightly further apart after Arkham/Joker Asylum and Insurgency transitions to make it easier to avoid the ability to use an Interactive Object immediately after landing.





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  1. James Chef Da Silva

    Oh man Tekken Lords, no Lili tutorial? One is waiting for Injustice to drop in price before getting in, in the mean time playing Blazblue. Its like la phat.