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Injustice – 1.03 – Patch Notes

Over at Injustice.com NetherRealms has released the official patch notes for the patch that comes out tomorrow. Lots of balance changes in this one in addition to other fixes. It looks like they tried to buff weaker characters and nerf stronger characters, but with so many characters adjusted and Black Adam / Batman / KillerFrost going untouched, something seems off. Major nerfs to Deathstroke and Superman, Cyborg IAFB block infinite removed, rage quit patch, and much more. Should be interesting to see how the community responds. Check out all the changes after the jump

v1.03 Patch Changes
As part of the second DLC Compatibility Pack update released 5/21, NetherRealm has released v1.03 patch for the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game. The v1.03 patch addresses several performance tweaks and enhancements to online battles and adjustments to key characters. The list of changes for patch v1.03 include:

General Fixes
-A player no longer receives a loss when an opponent quits an online match.
-Fixed an issue where online Hero Cards were not visible if a user had > 30 friends.
-Various Online fixes to enhance stability.
-A player can now perform a 2in1 combo into background bounces and interactables using Light+Medium buttons on arcade sticks.
-This makes the game fully playable on 5 button arcade sticks.
-A player can no longer block or escape a throw in the middle of performing a stance switch.
-The Fortress of Solitude (Upper Level-Left) Space Ship damage was normalized for all characters.
-Fixed an issue that affected some characters when performing a combo on weapon-wielding defenders that were holding grenades in the Batcave.
-Fixed various issues where Interactive Objects could obscure the players’ view after being used.
-Fixed a rare issue where players could sometimes interact with invisible Interactive Objects.

Character Balance Improvements

-Water of Life Character Power now lasts 2 seconds (down from 2.5) and has an 8 second cool down (increased from 7 seconds)
-Increased the ability to punish a Trident Scoop (Down, Back, 1) from Aquaman when the defender blocks.
-Normalized the amount of damage Aquaman inflicts on an opponent while they are blocking his Trident Rush (Down, Forward + 1)

-Increased viability of Ares’ Teleport when used as a wake up attack.
-Opponent’s can now perform a tech roll after being knocked down by Ares’ Invading Force (Back+2, 3) combo.

-Normalized Bane’s backwards throw damage.
-Slightly increased speed of Bane’s forward dash.
-Reduced the cooldown on Level 2 Venom Boost to 4.5 seconds (down from 6)
-Reduced the cooldown on Level 3 Venom Boost to 6 seconds (down from 9)

-Catwoman’s Calico Cut (Forward + 1) attack now hits the opponent Overhead and will hit all opponent hitboxes while they are crouching.

-Cyborg’s In-Air Projectiles are now a HIGH block instead of a MID.

-Deathstroke now stuns the defender for less time when the defender blocks his gunshots.
-Deathstroke now deals slightly less damage when the defender blocks his gunshots.
-Deathstroke now lands slightly slower after performing in-air gunshots.

-Doomsday’s Hunter (1,1,2) combo no longer inflicts full damage while the opponent is blocking.

Green Arrow
-Reduced the amount of block advantage on Green Arrow’s Light It Up (Back+2, 3) combo

-A player can now activate a Clash (as a defender) during the 2nd and 3rd hit of Solomon Grundy’s Chain Grabs.

Harley Quinn
-Harley’s Irresistible combo (1 + Away, 2) no longer inflicts full damage while the opponent is blocking.
-Harley’s Hi Puddin combo(2, Down+3) now has less advantage while the opponent is blocking.

-Increased Joker’s Wild Character Power HA! duration to 9 seconds (from 6 seconds).
-Increased Joker’s Wild Character Power Parry Damage to 11%
-Slightly reduced the start-up frames for Laughing Gas (Down, Forward + 1) and Rolling Laughing Gas (Down, Forward + 2) to allow it to combo consistently on all opponents.

-Reduced Lobo’s recovery time while loading his Nuclear Shells Character Power to 49 frames (down from 57).
-Removed the ability for an opponent to initiate a Clash while being hit by Lobo’s Meter Burn Pump Shots (Down, Forward + 1).
-Removed the ability for an opponent to initiate a Clash while being hit by Lobo’s Pump Shots (Down, Forward + 1) while his shotgun is loaded with Nuclear Shells.
-Increased the amount of damage an opponent will receive when blocking Lobo’s Pump Shots (Down, Forward + 1) while his shotgun is loaded with Nuclear Shells.

-Raven’s Raven Slash (Down+3) attack now has normalized damage.
-Increased viability of Raven’s Teleport when used as a wake up attack.

-Increased viability of Shazam’s Teleport when used as a wake up attack.
-Shazam’s Herculean Might (Down, Back, Forward + 1) on miss is now -17 (down from -27)
-Shazam’s Achilles’ Clutch (Down, Back + 1) on miss is now -21 (down from -35)
-Shazam’s Solomon’s Judgment Character Power now activates faster
-Normalized reaction time for Shazam after escaping an opponent’s throw attempt.

-Normalized Sinestro’s Backwards Throw Damage
-Arachnid Sting (Down, Forward 2) is now has a block advantage of -12 (down from -36) and is a Mid attack (changed from High).
-Beware Your Fears Character Power activation time decreased to 1.66 seconds (down from 2 seconds).

-Normalized the amount of damage scaling on Superman’s combos.
-Normalized Superman’s damage scaling while using his Steel Rush (Forward+2, Down+1) combo.

Wonder Woman
-Wonder Woman’s Knee Chop (Down+1) attack now inflicts normalized damage during hit and while an opponent is blocking.





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