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Injustice – Zatanna BnB Combos – Day 1 – By Rip

Zatanna, the latest DLC character for Injustice has been released today for $4.99 – She seems to have a lot of potential as far as resets/re-stand combos etc goes. Her combo damage isn’t the greatest because of this, however she can get into the 40% range pretty easily with a bar or two. Take a look and let me know what you think. Be sure to follow the youtube / twitch channels as well:






2 responses to “Injustice – Zatanna BnB Combos – Day 1 – By Rip”

  1. James Chef Da Silva

    Nice, but no Beak tutorials make sweet baby moon zombie jesus cry, mmmmmmmmmmm brains!

  2. Rtoip Kyczwark

    Music is cool,combos greate but stage in Poland TTT2 grrr sucks…. Nice vid and greatings from Poland 🙂