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13 Year Old Takes 3rd Place at TTT2 Global Championship

AK from the Philippines just turned 13 years old and took 3rd place at the TTT2 Global Championship! Using one of my personal favorite teams, Law and Paul, he rocked the Tekken world and proved that he had the skill necessary to take out top Korean players. The tournament was one of the most exciting Tekken tournament’s to watch in the past few years and everyone should take a look at it when they have a chance. HUUUUGGGGE shoutout to Markman and Spooky for commentating the event and CafeID for streaming the event! Another huge shoutout to Namco Bandai for putting together and hosting the event for Tekken fans worldwide. Be sure to follow and subscribe to all of these guys and check out the archives:


5 responses to “13 Year Old Takes 3rd Place at TTT2 Global Championship”

  1. ‘Chris Bryan Kapirig’

    alot of risk, embraces danger yet having fun! this kid is the future

  2. RandomJin_

    You got it wrong Rip, it is “Namcai Bando”! Get your facts straight!

  3. Romek Janiak

    nothing can beat SNAKE EDGE at the final moments! Thanks for that Mr.Naps! 😀

  4. TekkenMan

    Where is the AK vs Nobi match?

  5. reepal

    TekkenMan Unfortunately it wasnt on stream