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Tekken 7 – Arab Character Concept – Impressions

Over on the TEKKEN Facebook page, Harada posted up some concept art of a proposed Arab character for Tekken 7. In the post he describes that this is NOT confirmed as a character yet and is only a design at this point. He is looking for feedback on the design so that they can decide how to move forward with the concept. While he is interested in everyone’s feedback, he is particularly interested in feedback from the Middle East TEKKEN communities. So if you guys know anyone in that scene, be sure to forward them along to this post for more information. Check out my imrpressions of the Arab character concept art below:





12 responses to “Tekken 7 – Arab Character Concept – Impressions”

  1. Rizz Mughal

    seems good

  2. Umar Arshad

    I like if appears new character

  3. aak

    Hello rip nice video…I agree that the character design needs some minor changes here and there especially the shoes I prefer long boots like the horse riding ones , but the head wear (shmagh) is a necessity to show that he is arab , I’m an arab myself and I can assure you that the shmagh is a big part of our identity (in appearance) although it can be wore better (a little bit to the back) so it wont cover his face.

  4. Bishop Poshib Mays

    Im really not a big fan of costumes that are very complex like that. The guy looks like a Soul Calibur character.

  5. Richy Gray

    One of my main gripes is that he doesn’t feel that unique overall, there is something lacking, then again i can’t really get a feel of what his personality is like from the art alone, i agree with Bishop Poshib Mays if i hadn’t been told this was a design for tekken i would of figured him a Soul Calibur character. I don’t mind the headress but i feel it needs to be tightened up a bit more as you generally don’t see them that loose.

  6. LevelUpYourGame

    FYI, Harada mentioned on twitter a couple hours ago that he would fix the headdress and that it wouldn’t look like a hood

  7. Richy Gray

    I don’t use twitter so there was no way of me knowing this information, still glad to hear that information though.

  8. Bishop Poshib Mays

    I think his outfit should be simplified and the scarf should be around his neck. I also like Rip’s idea of his hair being longer.

  9. Bob Nosrati

    I don’t look like that

  10. LevelUpYourGame

    Someone mentioned that if the scarf were around his neck / if he were more militant then it would enforce the rebel/terrorist stereotype, so I think I’ve reversed course on that suggestion now.

  11. Bishop Poshib Mays

    I say eff that. The Black characters are always stereotyped in fighting games. Put the scarf around that man’s neck.

  12. Cuzuco Indufoam

    Assasuns creed? Wtf jajaja