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Tekken 7 – New Latin American Female Character Revealed!

Just revealed from TGS on the MadCatz stream, a new Latin American female character has been added to the roster for Tekken 7! This character will also be available during the location test taking place in Japan from October 3rd to October 5th. Harada has said that the character will be beginner friendly. What does that means exactly? We will have to wait and see. Also, they mentioned that she will have a sassy attitude, and talk a lot while fighting! Additionally, a SECOND new character will also be available at the location test and has characteristics of a 2D fighter!

Also mentioned is that they were doing lag tests between Seoul, South Korea and Japan – possibly for arcades? Very interesting if true!






27 responses to “Tekken 7 – New Latin American Female Character Revealed!”

  1. LevelUpYourGame

    Potential name is Catalina? Or maybe it was Katarina? Something like that? If its latin american, I think Catalina fits better

  2. Eddie Nguyen


  3. Eddie Nguyen


  4. Aly Hesham

    Pretty much female Miguel.I can feel the damn hopkicks right now

  5. j0shimitsu

    keisquared you cosplay this with us and i can make a new tekken costume!

  6. keisquared

    j0shimitsu LOL There is no doubt about that!! I was BORN to cosplay her!!! XD I want to so bad!!!

  7. j0shimitsu

    keisquared ill do another mishima and freckledkorean can do hwaorang

  8. LevelUpYourGame

    Also confirmed, 2 new game features (system mechanics?) which we will see at the location test

  9. Jim Esmersoy

    she looks like a cross b/w christie and julia.. upsets will be had

  10. LevelUpYourGame

    1 other new character at location test as well! New mechanics for this character is similar to a 2D fighting game character

  11. Jim Esmersoy

    ^namco going for that capcom crowd.. shd be interesting

  12. Damn Manly Autocrat

    …I was expecting a black chick…

  13. Aamir Abbasi

    Some kind of heavy players need to added in Tekken 7 like ogre and jinpachi

  14. Jelena Pinut

    Im not really happy about the fact, that tekken will add “beginner friendly” characters.. since a lot of people invest so much time to master difficult chars, its very annoying that people who play those easy characters, can easily be on the same level as the people who played for years.. i liked tekken especially because it is so difficult but i dont know if i’m that excited for tekken 7 since harada confirmed that he will make this game much easier for beginners etc. (((

  15. LevelUpYourGame

    I think the direction they are going, they will keep the game similar to what we are used to, but also create easier characters for new players. Those new players won’t be able to keep up with older players anyway. I’m more concerned about old players using the new ‘beginner’ characters. Thats going to be the tough balance for these characters.