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LUYG 5 Year Celebration Giveaway!

To celebrate 5 years of Level Up Your Game, we’ve got three awesome prizes from @MadCatz to giveaway! We have two MadCatz Tournament Edition 2 Fight sticks and one Tritton AX PRO+ Headset! Three prizes, so three separate giveaways! One for Twitch subscribers, one for Youtube subscribers, and one for Twitter followers! Check out the video below for full details. Winners will be notified and chosen on January 10, 2015! Thanks for supporting us through the years and good luck!





10 responses to “LUYG 5 Year Celebration Giveaway!”

  1. Joshua Coleman

    How about you give away footage of Hwoarang’s rage art in T7? That’s what I really wanna see.

  2. reepal

    I know! I cant believe I still haven’t seen the whole thing

  3. LifeIVs

    Hey Reep!

    I don´t know were to post this but I just wanted to ask & share something.

    When I see your matches on youtube I always ask myslef why after bound you don´t 4,3 dss f+3 with law?
    You seems to preer to ff+2,1,3, and it might be becasue it´s easier?

    Either way. When you hold f and press 4 the range becomes longer.
    So after bound you should fff (hold last f) +4,3dss,f+3.

    Something inmportant imo that you never mentioned is the 3,4.
    It´s 12frames as we all know BUT. When you hold f and press 3,4 the frame becomes 15 and the range increases.

    For example: After Pauls d+1,2, law can´t punish with just 3,4. BUT if you hold f while pressing 3,4 the range becomes longer and it punishes. The frames changes from 12 to 15 though (not on block)

    I don´t know if you knew this but it´s quite important since theres a lot of things that law can actually punish.

    Have a nice day!

  4. LevelUpYourGame

    Anyone know if someone in Korea did the Hwoarang Rage Art during their location test?

  5. NewEra Finley

    Very interesting match Jonathan Isler

  6. NewEra Finley

    My bad Jonathan Isler tagged you on the wrong one

  7. LevelUpYourGame


  8. TLShelton

    come on I need a new stick, congrats on your five years of success

  9. Joshua Coleman

    No rage art

  10. @LifeIVs Yes, I know about and can do f+4,3 dss f+3 but 99% of the time now I am only playing online where its much more inconsistent to time it correctly. This is why I prefer ff+213. Also, on stages with walls, I like ff+213 because you have more control for the wall carry distance (since you can end stop after ff+21) so you can still end with a wall combo.

    Yes, I am aware about f+3,4 having much farther range and starting up at 15f.  Good to know that it punishes Paul’s d+1,2 though. Thx for the info.