27th Oct2013

13 Year Old Takes 3rd Place at TTT2 Global Championship

by Rip

AK from the Philippines just turned 13 years old and took 3rd place at the TTT2 Global Championship! Using one of my personal favorite teams, Law and Paul, he rocked the Tekken world and proved that he had the skill necessary to take out top Korean players. The tournament was one of the most exciting Tekken tournament’s to watch in the past few years and everyone should take a look at it when they have a chance. HUUUUGGGGE shoutout to Markman and Spooky for commentating the event and CafeID for streaming the event! Another huge shoutout to Namco Bandai for putting together and hosting the event for Tekken fans worldwide. Be sure to follow and subscribe to all of these guys and check out the archives:

25th Oct2013


by Rip

Namco’s official TTT2 GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 is going live now from Seoul, South Korea! Markman & Teamspooky will be doing commentary! 20 qualifiers from around the world will be taking part, with USA having just one qualifier – Jimmy J. Tran aka Mr. Naps!

15th Sep2013

TTT2 Bugs & Glitches by Setnomessej

by Rip

Pretty cool video by setnomessej showing off some of the bugs and glitches of TTT2. Nothing game breaking and some are almost easter eggs, but cool stuff nonetheless. Check it out below and be sure to follow his youtube channel:

30th Aug2013

Theater10 – TTT2 TZ Community Project #3 Teaser – Yoshi Infinite + MORE Crazy stuff

by Rip

This has to be one of the sickest TTT2 combo video previews ever. The past TZ Community Project vids have always been filled with awesome combos, but its going to be hard to top these! The WAY BEYOND Death combosBe sure to follow Theater10‘s youtube channel!

17th Aug2013

USA TTT2 Global Qualifier Presented by MadCatz Going Live Soon

by Rip

Namco’s USA Global Qualifier for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is going live at 1pm PST from Round 1 Arcade in Puente Hills Mall. The tournament will filter down to top 16 which will be concluded tomorrow at 1pm PST. Catch all the TTT2 action below:

17th Jul2013

USA Qualifier – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Global Championship

by Rip

Details of the USA qualifier for Namco Bandai’s Global Championship for Tekken Tag 2 has been released. The qualifier tournament will be held August 17th-18th at Round 1 Arcade in Puente Hills, California. Entry fee is $20 and venue fee is $5. The event will be spread across the two days with pools on the first day being 2/3 matches and top 16 on the second day being 3/5 matches. The winner of the tournament will be flown to Korea to compete in a 16 man tournament with qualifiers from around the world. Full details and prizes info after the jump

05th Jul2013

Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Miguel Tutorial

by Rip

Continuing on with our tutorial series, in this episode of Morning Bread & Butter for TTT2 we cover Miguel! As always, be sure to follow us on Youtube. We also have an official subscribe button on Twitch as well! Emoticons and benefits still being worked out, but everything should kick into high gear next month. Shoutouts to those of you who found the video while it was unlisted!