13th Dec2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wins GameSpot’s Fighting Game of the Year Award

by Rip

GameSpot has just announced that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has won its Fighting Game of the Year Award for 2012. This year has been a crazy year for fighting games with the relase of Skullgirls, Soul Calibur 5, Dead Or Alive 5, Street Fighter x Tekken, Persona 4:Arena, Virtua Fighter 5:Final Showdown, and of course Tekken Tag Tournament 2! Check out the video below:

21st May2012

Awesome Gamespot Interview with Harada About Tekken Tag 2 and More

by Rip

Looks like Gamespot has been getting a lot of information about Tekken Tag 2 lately with their leak of the new character screenshots followed by the new characters video. Now they have an exclusive interview with Harada-san in which he talks about bringing in some features from Tekken-Net, gives his thoughts on how DLC should be implemented, as well as on the tournament scene and its shows like Tekken Busters. Great read, check it out here, and here’s a couple of my favorite excerpts:

Another big change is that we are incorporating elements of Tekken-Net, our popular arcade network service that has been implemented since Tekken 5. There are many elements to be implemented, but I think the teams feature will change things the most. (more…)

07th Aug2011

Gamespot Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Preview

by Rip

In this video from Gamespot at Evolution we get a sneak peek at Harada himself playing the game with none other than SDT‘s MarkMan. Namco Community Manager FilthieRich explains the basic gameplay system as they play: