21st May2012

Awesome Gamespot Interview with Harada About Tekken Tag 2 and More

by Rip

Looks like Gamespot has been getting a lot of information about Tekken Tag 2 lately with their leak of the new character screenshots followed by the new characters video. Now they have an exclusive interview with Harada-san in which he talks about bringing in some features from Tekken-Net, gives his thoughts on how DLC should be implemented, as well as on the tournament scene and its shows like Tekken Busters. Great read, check it out here, and here’s a couple of my favorite excerpts:

Another big change is that we are incorporating elements of Tekken-Net, our popular arcade network service that has been implemented since Tekken 5. There are many elements to be implemented, but I think the teams feature will change things the most.

Tekken has sold 40 million copies to date…but we learned 70 percent of players don’t participate in tournaments. If you look at SoulCalibur, 90 percent of [players] have no interest in tournaments.

I personally think there has to be a line drawn when thinking about paid DLC for fighting games. The line the Tekken team has chosen regarding this is that stages, characters, and moves shouldn’t be added as paid DLC. If they are to be added, they should be free. If you look at interviews I have done years ago, you can see I have mentioned this quite a long time ago. It’s because these are necessary elements to a fighting game. Much like chess pieces to a game of chess, they shouldn’t be charged for separately.
src: iPlayWinner

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the 70percent(i'm one of them) dont join tourneys because we simply dont have the time or dedication to hang with the hardcore tourney players. we dont want to waste entrance fees for a tourney where we know we'll get decimated in the first round. i'd rather spend it on arcade credits to practice moar lol


 @abner yea, thats how I was when I started as well. I played in arcades from Tekken 1 through Tekken 4 and visited free tournaments when they came around. It wasnt until Tekken 5 that I decided I should probably try to get good at this game I was spending so much time with anyway