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SoCal Regionals Tomorrow – $1000 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Tournament – Stream Info

Tomorrow is SoCal Regionals and Level Up Your Game will be running the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tournament! WE GOOOOT YOUUU! Only a portion of the tournament will be streamed and it is scheduled for 12pm-1:45pm PST on the secondary stream. If you’re in the Southern California area, I suggest coming down and checking it out in person as it’s only a $5 spectator fee that will also get you into the tournament. There will also be extra Tekken Tag 2 setups available for casuals all day long. Soul Calibur 5 will also be available to play.

Signups end at 10am and there’s a 64 man cap so get there early! Most, if not all of Socal’s best Tekken players will be in attendance, including: Kane, JustFrameJames, MYK, Aris, Rip, Cynnik, Rickstah, WC Galo and moooooore. WE GOT YOU!





8 responses to “SoCal Regionals Tomorrow – $1000 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Tournament – Stream Info”

  1. Forest

    I heard it here first, and too late. I was checking out avoidingthepuddle.com for any stream news. Maybe levelupyourgame.com is better than avoidingthepuddle.com.

  2. Targie

    ^The TTT2 portion of the event was sponsored by Level Up Your Game so this probably should’ve been where you first looked :P.

    I’m not seeing how you’re quantifying which site is better though :/ I find they generally cover different material.

  3. Islaw

    Both are great but no bogus journey on avoidinghtepuddle

  4. Akibono

    is there any VOD of the matches where i can watch it? i totaly missed it, always a little bit complicated for me as a european to watch it live.

    keep it running. thx anyway!

  5. AAK


    That’s all there really was, unfortunately they didn’t stream or record any of the other matches 🙁

    So what were the results?

    1. Rip

      I recorded most if not all of the top 8. Vids will go up this week. Here is the top 8 bracket – http://lockerz.com/s/165821190 – Full brackets are on the LevelUpYourGame twitter

      1. AAK

        Awesome! 🙂

  6. Lucky

    Rip you the man!!