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Level Up Your Game – Episode 7 – Sergei Dragunov

Its time for another episode of Level Up Your Game! This time around we bring Aris onto the show to break down Dragunov. Not quite as long as our last episode, but it still weighs in at a chunky 84 minutes, check it out






36 responses to “Level Up Your Game – Episode 7 – Sergei Dragunov”

  1. Eoin Kenny

    Great videos guys! I’d love to see how you suggest to use really difficult characters like Julia Chang or Kazuya.

  2. jmoid

    I’d much rather see some less common characters – Yoshi, AK, Jack, Julia etc

  3. Drew Serpa

    Great job on the Sergei coverage and I loved Aris’s personality- definitely seemed like a Sergei player. =p

    I’d love to see a Bryan or Bob video next.

  4. yak

    I would love to watch a hwoarang centric episode.

  5. Hassan

    These are great videos, I hope you do a Steve one soon. Been waiting for it ever since this started, it’s quite difficult to play with him.

  6. You cannot always make such big exhibitions, because they consume too much time and energy.

  7. Ask the right questions if you’re to find the right answers.

  8. Kip Reinken

    Great Job

  9. Lenny Igou

    Uhhm..Oh hey there, just was alert to your blog thru Google, and found that it’s really informative. Thanks and good luck.

  10. Billy Lo

    FUCK YEA ARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I agree that top tier Cha will be boring but I would love to hear about Law or King

  12. Dark Legend

    Great Job Guys! I would love to see a show on King, Law, Lei, or BRYAN! I don’t like Bob, He seems cheesy I think what you warriors are doing for our gaming community is wicked awesome! You make it easier for those of us who trench in with our favs. Also Tekken is an extremely deep game, your show makes it so easy for new bees to hop in and start to contend. If you did not do this, Namco may try to get new blood in join the game by watering it down so that they won’t whine and quit. You are doing such a great service to Tekken and to awesome warriors that practice its fine art.

    1. Rip

      We’ve already done episodes for Law and Lei. Search for it on the site here, subscribe to our Youtube channel (youtube.com/LevelUpYourGame) or click on the Video Series tab above

  13. Dark Legend

    Dragunov is my favorite right now. I was very surprised that there was no mention of 2 of my most successful moves for D. His face down head away leg take down as suckered many of my opponents. And I use the ultimate tackle as much as I can because Dragunov can arm-lock someone who punches him and can reverse other ppls arm lock. Did I just ruin a secret? BRING IT!

  14. jj

    So this is like super old, but I was wondering if the usefulness of dragunovs (down 1+2) tackle is cancelling it to the sideroll (1+2 again) and then getting the (rising 2) launcher?

    1. jj

      Also, I love everything u guys do. Please keep up the awesome work.

    2. Rip

      That is a useful mixup for it if your opponent is quick on their punishing. Against a less skilled opponent though, theyre just going to be standing there the whole time and you may as well have just tackled them. Of course, you can use the tackle by itself to train them to react to it before using the cancel. All in all, it definitely makes the tackle more useful.