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Avoiding The Puddle Podcast 23 – Evo Recap and TTT2

Aris and MYK are back with another Avoiding the Puddle podcast. Really good recap of all of the Tekken related things that happened in the last two weeks. Also some cool insights on the latest build of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 that we played at Evolution. Apparently, the new Tag Crash feature costs Netsu to allow a safe tag-in for your partner. Great listen as always, check it out.




2 responses to “Avoiding The Puddle Podcast 23 – Evo Recap and TTT2”

  1. genki

    ” It’s easy to get launched in T6. ” – Aris LOL

    really? then how come you got destroyed by Nin 10-0? while steve has shitty launchers and can’t even block punish or whiff punish with a launcher since steve is a counter hit character.

    Nin and other top koreans aren’t easy to launch that’s why they always win, even against top players using characters with better launchers and counter hit launchers.

    4 Bobs made it top 8 at evo and Bob has a shitty hopkick, slow magic 4, launchers, and beat better characters like law and bryan. yet ttt1 guys like Unconkable still blame hopkicks even though they didn’t win cuz of Bob’s slow hopkick. Kor and Fab are just better than the rest.

    Those ttt1 guys are just fucking losers in T6 and looking for excuses. They think they’re smarter than the tekken balancing team! fucking delusionals! HAHA…

    no matter what namco does, ttt1 guys will never get back to tekken cuz they’re just scared to lose their reputation in tt1. they will always look for excuses why they lost. FACT!

    1. Rip

      I’m pretty sure Aris meant any juggle starter (counter hit moves included). I do agree that minimizing getting juggled is super important in this game and that the best players do a better job of this. I hope TTT1 players come back for TTT2, however the game looks too similar to Tekken 6 at the moment. Hopefully the tag element will be enough to bring them back in.