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Level Up Your Game – Tekken 6 – Marshall Law

Anyone who watched Evo saw 4 Bob’s and 2 Law’s in top 8. Last episode was Bob, this episode has the two Law players from Top 8! Coincidence!? I think not! All kidding aside though, this time around we have James “JustFrame” Garrett (and Rip) on the show to break down Marshall Law for everyone. Episode weighs in at 93 minutes, so set aside some time and check it out






38 responses to “Level Up Your Game – Tekken 6 – Marshall Law”

  1. Great episode….!!! I really wanna thank you so much that you bring JFJ for this episode and I want you to do your next episode for Steve ….. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease it’s a humble request.

  2. aleem

    why is myk shaking his head at 15 mins about the DFs into the DSS?

    1. Rip

      DFS into DSS is where the autoparry window activates and so hes just shaking his head about autoparry

  3. Raion

    Wish you guys do a Lee Episode before TTT2 comes out. 🙁

  4. aleem

    hey Rip i dont think you guys mentioned counter hit D+2, 3 this is a good juggle starter i usually use especially if the opponent is using a string move, this is good for bruce players, larz and over all string moves 🙂

    1. Rip

      We talk about d+2,3 a little in the anti-Law section. Generally its one of his riskiest moves along with dragontail (db+4). But you’re right, it does have some places where the risk/reward is worth it.

    2. MemorableGame

      Hey Aleem,

      I am playing tekken but not familiar with names of the moves or the time frames. but I have good understand about how to play tekken.

      anyway what do you mean by “String Moves”?

  5. Undead_Nemesis

    “Banana Peel” lol. I fucking hate Law. Good shit.

  6. Apollo

    could y’all do one on feng? cuz i feel he’s kinda underplayed at tourneys. it’s steve, law or bob.

  7. Iron_Fist

    when you whiff a parry b+1+3, how many frames you can’t block? coz you can get juggled if you whiff parry!

    what’s the timing on the nunchuk just frame ws2?

    1. Rip

      I wish I could tell you! As far as I can tell, you’re supposed to hit it at about the rate that the actual nunchuks hit, so it gets faster during the end of it. Since we captured it, you should be able to watch it and kind of understand the timing.

  8. Jairus

    this is a good video, may i ask, how the hell do you time WS4 DSS f+1. hard crap! help please.. props to RIP and JFJ. hehehe

    1. aleem

      that shit is easy ws+4 b-f, F +1 quickly

      1. Jairus

        worked out on it, got the timing now. 😀

      2. Rip

        Correct, thats the notation. I always tell people, the best way to practice ws+4 DSS is in 5.0 or DR because when you do it the fastest way possible, you will see Law’s leg come down faster from the ws+4

      3. Jairus

        yeah, I’ve noticed that too.. And also i practiced by turning on the hit analysis option in T6.. Tnx Rip

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  10. martin31406

    Can Law parry anything e.g., shoulders, elbows, knees?

    1. martin31406

      oops, nevermind lool

  11. Jazz Hammer

    Though MYK did an in-depth for BOB, I wish he’ll have time together with the LUYG.com team to create one episode for each characters. . Specially, Steve fox. . I know MYK is pro in using steve. .hehe

  12. FIthFith


  13. Derek

    Hey rip y’all forgot about 4+u+3. Go’s into law dss also.

    1. Derek

      I mean 4,u+3

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  15. michael threet

    put a king show on their please
    and put jin thats all please