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Level Up Your Game – Tekken 6 – Marshall Law

Anyone who watched Evo saw 4 Bob’s and 2 Law’s in top 8. Last episode was Bob, this episode has the two Law players from Top 8! Coincidence!? I think not! All kidding aside though, this time around we have James “JustFrame” Garrett (and Rip) on the show to break down Marshall Law for everyone. Episode weighs in at 93 minutes, so set aside some time and check it out






38 responses to “Level Up Your Game – Tekken 6 – Marshall Law”

  1. pavel

    hi, im a big law fan and i want to a be better law player. the DSS after ws4, i’m going to practice it until i do it always. another thing what is the gamertag of just frames james and rip? i want to now if they have ps3 accounts to add them to play wit them. thx.

  2. Rik

    Hi guys. I know that there are 40 characters in tekken6 and it is hard to do a “lessons” about each one, but do you have the intention of doing one on Julia?

    1. Rip

      I don’t think we have a Julia player skilled enough to come on the show to do it. I asked Bronson in the past but he declined.

      1. Apollo


      2. Rip

        He’s not quite there yet. Maybe in a few more months if he keeps improving.

  3. Rex

    Where’s the Jin episode? Devil Jin was cool, but I need some Kazama knowledge bombs dropped.

  4. Arslan

    I really loved JustFrameJames’s game specially in the Evo!!!
    JFJ should have been the on thee TOP. ^_^
    JFJ = No.1 Marshal Law player in the world.

  5. Joe

    Lili episode anytime soon? that would be cool

  6. Xthemarsvolta

    A yoshimitsu episode would be nice but I doubt there will be one anytime soon

  7. Dimitri

    I love these episodes! Please do Lee! You know you wanna…

  8. Midway

    yeah i really wanna see a jin or king or better yet a jack 6 if anyone can pull him off his a heavy slow hitter though.. also pls can you make a video on lili shes really cool and flexible i think

  9. chasecalientetheafrican

    can anyone provide me a legend I recognize the moves and that’s what im going off of but when these guys start sayin dss 12 or up 413 its throwin me off

  10. chasecalientetheafrican

    please help