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Bogus Journeys – Episode 1 – Really Homie?!

Welcome! To the first episode of Bogus Journeys! In this new series from us here at Level Up Your Game we play Tekken 6… Online. Whoa, whoa whoa. Tekken 6…online? Yes. Tekken 6.. ONLINE. As this was our first time doing this we sort of winged it and hoped for the best, so any feedback, suggestions etc would be greatly appreciated.







29 responses to “Bogus Journeys – Episode 1 – Really Homie?!”

  1. centaur of gravity

    Awesome stuff 😀
    definatly looking forward to more !

  2. centaur of gravity

    Oh and for feedback:
    make the episodes longer, and switch players after each round. Like just pass around the stick for more randomness. And less mains but more bogus fighters maybe? 😀
    Also you could actually try to show how abusable some stuff online is. Like pick Bryan or Marduk and just work dat snakeedge 😉

  3. RandomDude

    Im really looking forward to the next episode,
    you should really make them longer – you didnt get together for just 20minutes, did u?

    1. Rip

      Don’t want them to be any longer than this really. I’m a fan of this length. We did film for longer though so there should be a new episode next week

  4. KenmasterX

    lol so funny!

  5. Finally our own Tekken Cross Counter. The only thing I would recommend is to take turn’s playing. That would be the logical thing to do. Thx.

    1. Hehe don’t worry, we took turns, just not in this first episode.

  6. rivie2x

    Real fun stuff 🙂

  7. Xthemarsvolta

    I play that Miguel all the time and he kills me everytime. Good job. Looking forward for next episode.

  8. Wing

    i would much rather like to see Running Sets, both the match quality and the shit talking would be better.
    this is quite funny though xD

  9. Lonewolf31

    Top 10 Entertaining Ways to Play Online Tekken

    1. Use silly customizations and style opponents with items…bonus if you killed opponent with said item!

    2. Sandbag opponents, essentially giving them the first 2 rounds, and unleash your fury from round 3 and win it all!

    3. Ki-Charge after every win….try to incite hatemail! Then respond with, “U Mad?”

    4. Finish the last round with Heihachi’s spanking throw….or do nothing but Heihachi spank the opponent throughout the match.

    5. Spam phoenix smasher only. Win the whole set with top notch defense and the might of phoenix smashers.

    6. Turtle like there’s no tomorrow. Bonus if infinite stage and you win all your fights with timeout.

    7. Troll with Heihachi’s Shadow Step or Bob’s backroll….hit and run tactics for the win.

    8. Do unblockables right in opponent’s face…Wang, Kazuya’s spinning uppercut, and King’s moonsault in particular.

    9. Annoy opponent with Alisa’s B 1+2 and her BDCs….

    10. Hit opponent with Jack’s moves that requiring holding down to max.

    1. Dumbledore

      Yeah, be a retard that ‘helps’ the online community, follow this 10 easy steps to make it even more worse then it already is.

      The problem with people online is that when there is no face to face communication people tend to act like a dick and ragequit and what not, simply because they are hidden behind a internet and lack any decency and respect , i would like to see that one in the arcade acting like that…

      It is not only the sucklish online mode that is the problem it is people do all this things…

      As for the show itself, it might have passed wrong message but i don’t believe it was intentional, in a way the guy on the other side might have been allot worse, it is the lack of any insight and point that is and will hurt the show.

      1. Lonewolf31

        My top 10 was sarcastically speaking by the way…

        Do you really think you can get away with this kind of stuff in competitive offline play?

        I don’t think so.

  10. centaur of gravity

    ^What he says.


    lol you got these two online warrors on the AVP comments named Linux_the Fallen and Causeless Rebel so mad over the Video….lol Keep up the good work!!!

  12. This is cool and all, but you guys should also do something similar to what CC is doing with Running Sets. Online play is good for a laugh here and there, but I would prefer to see two people in a FT10 with player intros/commentary/trash talk since beating up on online players gets old quick.

  13. […] 6 online is serious business and it cannot be taken lightly. If you don’t believe us, watch Bogus Journeys – Episode 1 – Really Homie?! made by the Level Up Your Game staff. SHARE THIS:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  14. K-Keo

    oh hell yeah! i’ve been waiting for something like this for tekken! more please!

  15. K-Keo

    p.s. i say the same things myk says “REALLY HOMIE?!?!” lmao